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#‏انا_ملك: What Are You the King or Queen Of?

#‏انا_ملك: What Are You the King or Queen Of?
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Cairo 360

The dynamic of any group is a complex one – like a finely-tuned machine, every part has its role, no matter how small. It’s a sentiment that Chipsy is channelling with its latest ad and viral campaign, #‏انا_ملك

Whether your penchant is for music, football, or fashion everyone has their role, everyone has their ‘thang’, so to speak – so, which one are you?

Malek El…Football

Likes: Wearing his football kit to inappropriate occasions, explaining the offside rule.
Dislikes: People who use the word ‘soccer’.
Most Treasured Possession: His Ronaldo-autographed football boots.
Most Likely to Become: A football player. Or that one guy at the ahwa that keeps shouting at the screen during a match.

Malek El…Gaming

Likes: Playing video games, reading about video games, talking about video games, watching video game clips on YouTube – you get the point.
Dislikes: Being told by his parents that he needs to get a job.
Most Treasured Possession: His Playstation 4.
Most Likely to Become: The oldest guy at the cyber.

Malek El…Photography

Likes: Taking selfies, going for random walks in strange places to find inspiration, randomly experimenting with Photoshop.
Most Treasured Possession: Camera, obviously.
Most Likely to Become: Social media influencer and Instagram celebrity.

Malek El…Fashion

Likes: Shopping, mirrors, receiving compliments.
Dislikes: Wearing the same thing twice in one week, guys sporting white socks with black shoes.
Most Treasured Possession: Her walk-in wardrobe and everything in it.
Most Likely to Become: Fashion blogger – because who isn’t one these days

Malek El…Jokes

Likes: Making people laugh, making jokes at inappropriate times, Adam Sandler.
Dislikes: Sitting alone in silence, being ‘normal.’
Most Treasured Possession:
Most Likely to Become: Actor. Or one lucky kid’s cool, favourite uncle.

Malek El…Puns

Likes: Puns, being applauded on using puns.
Dislikes: Pun-less talk.

Most Treasured Possession: Laptop – the internet is a gold mine of pun-based humour.
Most Likely to Become: Friendless.

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