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10 Stunning Ramadan Photos in Cairo

10 Stunning Ramadan Photos in Cairo
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Ramadan in Cairo is a time of modesty, reflection and even celebration – but, if we're honest with ourselves, it's also a time of great photo ops. There are few cities in the region that come alive in the same way that Egypt's capital does; the sights, sounds and even smells make for a unique time of the year that you just can't help but be swept away with.

We love a good session of Instagram browsing as much as anyone and we've gathered just a few of our favourite photos from across the city during the Ramadan festivities.

1. Muez Street, Islamic Cairo (@mostafastudio)

2. Sohour in El Hussein (@lobnatareq)

3. A child, a man and an old man during prayer at a Cairo mosque (@adelessam)

4. A ballerina in El Hussein (@ashoursherif for @ballerinasofcairo)

5. The Sayed Zeinab Lantern Market (@mostafa_bassim)

6. A mesaharaty wakes up residents in Helwan (@el.darwish)

7. The crescent and the cross on the Fourth Night of Ramadan (@el.darwish)

8. A Man prays at an unidentified mosque in Cairo (@eslam_gamal40)

9. Lantern-shoppers in Sayeda Zainab (@haymanics)

10. Amr Ibn El As Mosque (@thegambian)

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