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10 Things You Can Do At Home during Coronavirus Quarantine

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10 Things You Can Do At Home during Coronavirus Quarantine
written by
Mariam Nowar

(Image credit: Massar Egbari)

Coronavirus got you confined to your home? There will be no room for boredom once you’ve taken a look at the things you can do from the safety of your couch! Here are a few suggestions below.

Virtual Museum Tours        

Art can truly heal the soul and the mind, and Travel and Leisure issued a dozen links that will lead you to virtual tours through museums around the globe. You can virtually visit the British Museum in London here, Guggenheim Museum in New York here, Musée d’Orsay in Paris here, and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam here. Access the full list here.

Upload Tiktok Videos

What’s better than lip-syncing your favourite tracks and movie scenes through Tiktok when you’re in self-quarantine? You might just be on the verge of new-found fame if you get creative enough with your videos on the popular application. Sign up here.

Live Stream Concerts

In a bid to keep the music playing and the audience entertained, ROOM Art Space will be live-streaming concerts on Facebook almost daily, starting from Thursday, the 19th of March, at 10:00 PM. Rock group Massar Egbar has also announced that they will be live-streaming a concert through YouTube, and you can stay tuned here and here.

Online Courses

Egypt has suspended schools and universities for a period of time, which has pushed classes online instead. Even if you’re no longer a student, you can still access over 3,800 free online courses through Coursera here, and over 1,500 other courses through Open Culture here.


The highly esteemed Bibliotheca Alexandrina uploaded thousands of e-books that discuss everything from literature, mass communication, economics, geography, sports, and languages, to medicine, science and beyond. Start reading here.

Watch Netflix

We know you’ve probably already been watching Netflix religiously over the years, but if you haven’t, you can always sign up to the streaming platform here. You can also watch with friends and host long-distance movie nights through Netflix Party here.

Meditate and Do Yoga

Zone out from all the negativity surrounding the virus outbreak, and channel your inner tranquillity by meditating and clearing your mind. You can chase the toxicity away by rolling out your yoga mat and stretching your body! A little guidance through the various postures is offered in plenty through YouTube videos here.

Play Games

Since board games might decrease the distance between family members, make sure you use hand sanitizer and clean all surfaces if you’re willing to take the risk. You could always opt for puzzles, build Lego, or invent your own games. Remember to always use detergent!

Learn New Recipes                 

Although it’s no time to be luxurious, learning comfort-food recipes with the groceries that you’ve stocked up on can bring your family health and immunity. Avoid ordering fast and ready food to decrease the risk of contracting the virus. Include hefty doses of Vitamin C in your diet to stay safe, and browse through 74 food recipes through Delish here.

Make Phone Calls

Since you won’t be able to meet your loved ones if they aren’t living with you, start making calls to those who you miss the most. Keeping a safe distance is crucial during these tough times, so top up your bundle and talk to people. You can also use video chat through Zoom, Skype, Facebook messenger, or Facetime (for iPhone users).