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5-Minute Beach Snacks Perfect For the Summer

beach snacks Snacks summer
5-Minute Beach Snacks Perfect For the Summer
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The waves are splashing, the sun is shining, you’re tanning on the beach, and suddenly you feel in need of a fresh snack. If you’re unprepared, the simple hunger urge is enough to throw you off your zen. Whether you’ve eaten breakfast or already have a drink in hand, all of us beachgoers find ourselves needing a snack after our first dip in the water. A bag of chips or nuts is a start, but the best beach days pair the everyday snacks with some homemade goodies. Portable dips and treats are a great option that won’t take much time and can satisfy even the most active racket players and swimmers. So here are five easy snacks you can prepare at home that are sure to win the hearts of your friends and family: 


Tortilla Roll Ups

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Sick of getting sand in your sandwiches? Pack these wrap roll-ups instead! These tiny wraps are the perfect beach finger food. All you have to do is invest in a good brand of soft tortillas and wrap them around the filling of your choice, then cut them into bite-sized slices. The easiest and quickest way to do that is by opting for cold cuts that don’t need cooking, like sliced roast beef or turkey, then adding any spread like sour cream or pesto. The magic will be additions like sliced avocado, tomatoes, or even a summery fruit like chopped peach or pineapple.


Fruit Skewers

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The fresh flavours of fruits work well with the sun and beach; that’s why elevating our fruit-eating experience at the beach is an absolute must this summer. Refreshing, sweet, and juicy, these fruit skewers are a fantastic alternative to meat. You can opt to use any fruit that holds well when punctured, like pineapple chunks, strawberries, grapes and melons. You can make your experience yummy by accompanying those skewers with dips like melted chocolate, honey, or any flavoured yoghurt. 


Salads on-the-go Cups

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Everyone loves salads in the summer, but they can be a pain because of the inconvenience of eating them. This recipe provides an easy, quick solution to your salad assembly woes. Simply layer whatever veggies you have in the fridge in plastic cups and wrap them with plastic wrap or cover them with plastic lids. Pack your creamy yoghurt dressing or fresh, zesty vinaigrette separately, so the veggies stay crisp. Once you hit the beach, all you have to do is drizzle the dressing and dig in!


Dips & Nachos

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Tortilla chips, AKA nachos, are now popular in the Egyptian market, and you can find many flavours of ready-made nachos in any supermarket. You can grab any tortilla chip brand or flavour for a quick and easy snack fix and then pair it with a leisurely dip. Nothing says summer like fruity, fresh mango salsa dip. All you need to do is chop up cilantro, lime, jalapeno, and red onion tossed with the tropical fruit to make a zesty, tangy dip. If you do not have mangoes, you can opt for sweet corn, red beans, tomatoes, or even coloured bell peppers. 


Frozen Grapes

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Frozen grapes are the best snack ever, especially in the summer. They’re super refreshing, incredibly healthy, low-calorie, and so easy. All you have to do is freeze some seedless white or red grapes. The best thing is that frozen grapes can work as a snack or ice cubes, so you don’t end up with watery drinks.