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5 Places That Will Satisfy Your Egyptian Sweet Tooth Cravings

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5 Places That Will Satisfy Your Egyptian Sweet Tooth Cravings
written by
Nelly Ezz

Desserts play a considerable part in our food culture; we can’t get enough of it, and we refuse to stop. Perhaps that is a good thing because, as long as it is in moderation, the upside is that we will always find something new to try! Aside from all the Basbousa and Kunafa list, we have compiled a few dessert shops you can go to try some sweet, underrated Egyptian inventions.

  1. Sobia ElRahmany

We have all tried sobia before, the ultimate Ramadan beverage, but have you ever heard of someone eating Sobia? If you haven’t, then it’s time that you try it. Sobia ElRahmany is popular in the ElSayeda Zeinab area, where everyone goes to enjoy this fantastic dessert. You can choose to get it either sour or sweet. It is one of those inventions that you can’t describe; you just have to try it out yourself. Find Sobia ElRahmany in ElRehab, ElSayeda Zeinab, and even Alexandria. Check out their page for the exact locations and numbers.

  1. Gelati Azza

Gelati Azza was the ultimate food trend before food trends were a thing. What distinguishes Gelati Azza’s gelati is its consistency and texture; that mesmerizing, stretchy, sugar-balanced bite was the best. The concept came from Alexandria to Cairo with only a few ice cream flavours: now, you can opt for a cone, cup, or a family-sized tub in many varieties. They also have hot desserts like belila, couscous, and Om Ali – all topped with various yummy toppings. Find Gelati Azza in Lebanon Square, Mohandseen, or you can order through their number 0233472765.

  1. Farghaly

Yes, it is the famous juice place everyone in Mohandseen used to gush about a decade ago. It was the go-to place for the best mango juice in town. Even though it is mainly a juice shop, Farghaly joins our list because of their underrated ice cream and fakhfakhina creations. Alongside their fruit cups and fresh juices, they have special items on their menu that mainly consist of ice cream bowls, pieces of fruit topped with massive amounts of Twinkies, and Borios – disclaimer: prepare for a sugar rush. Check out their exact locations and contact numbers here.

  1. ElMalky

ElMakly started long ago in Sedna El Hussien, but we’re not here to talk about their obvious Om Ali, rice puddings, and basbousa. We are here to tell you about their Borio, strawberry, and berry trifles, as well as their sweet pumpkin selection. They have pumpkin with coconut, cream, hazelnut, and much more on offer, together with many couscous flavours like couscous with qeshta, coconut, and special cream. They always come out with inventions like Belila with Kunafa and even have their own milk and natural yoghurt brands. ElMalky is everywhere; find a branch near you or call their hotline 19017 for more information.

  1. El Domiaty Patisserie

El Domiatty has a history of tradition; the El Hossainy family has owned the brand for seven decades now and continues to offer people authentic tasting Egyptian and Middle-eastern desserts, with a vast selection that is too huge mention here. Their new creations are what we want to talk about today. Get your hands on their mini tarts, ma’mool bites, Lotus Om Ali, and kunafa cones right now! Their kunafa cones come in many flavours like Red Velvet, Nutella, Lotus, or browse through their gateaux selection. El Domiaty has many branches all over; you can call 16552 to find out more or download their app through App Store and Google Play.