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5 TikTok Trends You Should Be Doing Right Now!

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5 TikTok Trends You Should Be Doing Right Now!
    written by
    Christina John

    Image credit: Cottonbro

    One of the hardest things to do in 2021 is trying to explain a TikTok trend to someone who is not familiar with the social network phenomenon. So today, we embrace this challenge to help you get into the world of TikTok. We compiled the top five trends that are super cool and fun to ride. Fingers crossed, your videos go viral and you initiate the next trend!

    Know Yourself Challenge


    You’re getting catfished 🤷🏻‍♂️

    ♬ Know Yourself – Drake

    Sometimes we don’t realise that a ridiculous or traumatising thing has happened to us until we look back on it years later. The verse from Drake’s “Know Yourself” – “I was running through the 6 with my woes” is used to show how they can’t believe they used to do or put up with these things. A lot of entries are hilarious, and some are embarrassing. Many people use it to mock old fashion trends, but the embarrassing stories stood out the most.

    Here Comes the Boy


    here he is 🎶 he is here 🥰 #catsoftiktok #fypシ #GossipGirlHere

    ♬ Here Comes the Boy – Felix Gabriel

    We love it when people get to show us their pets and adorable babies. This viral trend started when over 10 million users viewed a video of a cat called Mashed Potatoes walking towards the camera. The video was simply the cat owner singing “Here comes the boy, hello boy”. Just like every other TikTok trend, some users used an evil mash-up of the song for their mean or aggressive pets.

    I’ll Never Forget You


    i’ll never forget you @shawnmendes 💓

    ♬ Never Forget You – Noisettes

    It started with people using this trend to reminisce about when they met their favourite athlete or celebrity, but it soon turned into something else completely. This trend helped unite TikTok users with people they had met before but were unable to find again. Many users started posting about people they met at parties, on vacation, or bus and train rides. Thanks to TikTok, many of the users were able to reconnect with people.

    Mama Said That It Was Okay


    ignore the messy room 😐 #fypage #SmartfoodClub

    ♬ Mama Said – Lukas Graham

    This trend features users stating something they do or did as a child, which, for whatever reason, was frowned upon. The song Mama Said by Lukas Graham plays in the background. When “mama said that it was okay / Mama said that it was quite alright” plays, they show their reason for thinking their actions are acceptable, which is usually celebrities who do that same exact thing.

    Get Into Yuh


    Get into it yuhhhhhhh dc @davidvooo #fyp #fy

    ♬ Get Into It (Yuh) – Doja Cat

    How could we mention TikTok trends without adding at least one dance challenge to the list? Almost all of Doja Cat’s songs have turned into some kind of dance challenge, but this one stands out the most because many Egyptian TikTokers have posted videos trying this trend. @Subaraloka and @Faridaa_Sheriff were among the first Egyptian TikTokers to post, and they even switch up a little with some Arabic tunes.