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5A by The Waterway Developments Grand Opening

5A by The Waterway Developments Grand Opening
    written by
    Nada Medhat

    This time of the year is always one for celebration, it’s simply infectious; the gifting, the partying, the family time, it’s a time of joy, but this year we also celebrated something extra special. The grand opening of 5A by The Waterway Developments. And why shouldn’t we? It had everything we wanted and more.

    On the 11th of December, The Waterway Developments cut the red festive ribbon on their newest and biggest commercial development to date unveiling “A work of art”, 5A by The Waterway Developments. Located in East Cairo, 5A by The Waterway Developments is set to be the new central business district. It includes modern office spaces, Michelin Star style restaurants and upscale retail units. The district will provide opulent fashion, home and beauty experiences, whether it’s shopping at iconic fashion brands such as Balmain, Versace and Gucci, or grabbing lunch at Villa Caracas and car shopping at the Porsche dealership.

    The exclusive evening opened with a performance of the Australian rapper Masked Wolf, then he was followed by the legendary Amr Diab and the delightful Romanian singer Inna, who closed the night with the same zenith as its beginning. The whole night was nothing but a steady show of excellence and was hosted by the well-known comedian Wonho Chung who was joined by a lot of actors, actresses, football players, and businessmen that attended to celebrate the opening. The entire opening evening was definitely a testimony to how great 5A by The Waterway Developments is.

    The blend of business and entertainment, convenience and practicality as well as its location, situated between old and new Cairo, prove that 5A by The Waterway Developments isn’t just a middle ground, but a culmination of the best Cairo has to offer: modernity and traditionalism, business and pleasure, brands, and restaurants. An all-in-one recipe of distinctive ingredients brewed in excellence and served on a golden plate. Simply, 5A by The Waterway Developments is “A work of art”.

    We’re sure that the opening is nothing short of a strong indication as to what we should expect all year-round from 5A by The Waterway Developments.