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6 Facts You Might Not Know About The New Administrative Capital Stadium

Cairo stadium New Administrative Capital New Administrative Capital Stadium
6 Facts You Might Not Know About The New Administrative Capital Stadium
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Ever since Egypt hosted its first friendly football match in the New Administrative Capital Stadium on the 23rd of March, with Egypt VS. New Zealand, our country’s majestic grandeur has blown everyone away. To further celebrate – and maybe even brag a little – here are some fun facts about the remarkable New Administrative Capital Stadium that you might not be aware of!



Photography by Ahmed Azab, Retrieved from Instagram

The stadium is the largest stadium in Egypt, the second in all of Africa, just behind FNB stadium in Johannesburg, and the 14th worldwide. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that it can accommodate up to 93,940 spectators! Obviously, it has exceeded Cairo International Stadium, which is the ninth largest in Africa.


Architecture & Design

Photography by Ahmed Azab, Retrieved from Instagram

Meticulously designed and constructed, the New Administrative Capital Stadium boasts a monumental design by the one and only SHESA, the same Italian architecture and design firm which worked on Allianz Stadium Juventus in Italy, the top stadium in Italy and one of the top stadiums all over Europe.


Roof Design

Image via TFC Stadiums

Speaking of the stadium’s design, the design of the roof corroborates the phenomenal work and dedication that has gone into building the stadium. Artistically resembling Queen Nefertiti’s headdress and royal necklace, the roof represents our genuine Egyptian pride.


More Than a Football Field

Photography by Mahan84848, Retrieved from Wikimedia

The New Administrative Capital Stadium is not a mere standalone structure; it’s the fundamental centrepiece of a massive sports complex, featuring a training ground, two indoor halls, an Olympic swimming pool, and numerous other buildings and facilities.


Home to Olympic Games & FIFA World Cup?

Photography by Ahmed Azab, Retrieved from Instagram

So why an “Olympic” swimming pool, you ask? Well, the answer is simple: Egypt has thrown its hat into the ring to host the 2036 Olympic Games. To meet the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) standards for a full Olympic Village, this sports complex adheres to all regulations and requirements. Egypt also intends to host the 2034 FIFA World Cup at the New Administrative Capital Stadium, marking a monumental milestone for the country!


Free Transportation

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For the previous game at the stadium, where Egypt faced Croatia in the Capital Cup final, the Ministry of Transport provided free buses to transport spectators from Cairo and Giza, showcasing their commitment to ensuring accessibility in sporting events and suggesting a potential trend towards increased support for transportation in the future.