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6 Food Trucks in Cairo You Need to Know About Today

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6 Food Trucks in Cairo You Need to Know About Today
written by
Nelly Ezz

Street food vendors have been around for ages. Consequently, the food truck phenomenon is, more or less, the luxurious evolution of street food stalls and kiosks. Food trucks have grown in popularity in recent years and are now considered a casual restaurant concept perfect for starting a career in the food business. There’s no doubt that locals are jumping in on the action and creating a whole food truck culture that’s getting bigger every day. Here are a few trucks to try out when you’re up for a quick casual bite.

  1. Flying Dogs

This vibrant food truck opened up in Maadi serving appetising-looking hot dogs and wings.  You can usually find them popping up at events with their wide selection of hot dogs, fries, wings, onion rings, chicken strips, and even burgers. You can order by calling 01001665802.

  1. What the Truck

A burger joint on wheels is always a good idea! What the Truck launched back in 2018 with a mini wagon serving mainly burgers and hot dogs. Their trucks have been serving happiness on wheels until they opened up their first restaurant last year. Their trucks are always showing up in different locations like New Cairo, El Rehab, and Sheikh Zayed. However, if you want a permanent site, pay their store a visit in El Moez Mall, Sheikh Zayed, or call 01211114636 to see where they’re going next.

  1. Nola on Wheels

Alright, this one is nothing new. However, Nola’s Truck is a life saviour when you’re late for an occasion and want to get dessert last minute. Their cute, colourful truck is parked right outside Total gas station in Sheikh Zayed, catering to everyone in the neighbouring areas. Their selection is limited compared to their stores, but it is definitely worth visiting when you have late-night sweet tooth cravings.  You can call 0225874450 if you want more information.

  1. VagaBond Trucks

Vagabond is another successful truck that turned into a restaurant. Though, their vehicles still pop up in events for catering services. Their items took the fast-food norm to another level with their Cheetos quesadillas, jalapeno poppers, and fried hotdog wraps. Catch them in Almazah or call 01120236668 for delivery.

  1. Puffs

This newly opened fast food truck in Lake House, Dusit Thani, serves up juicy double-decker burgers, wings, sides, desserts, and shakes. They have all-you-can-eat burgers and wings every Monday and Thursday, so if you’re planning to pass by, do so during those days! Check them out on Instagram.

  1. Shocks

Shocks burger is another fast food concept that opened back in 2016 in Porto Cairo mall. Then, they moved to Waterway in 2017 where they started serving up an extensive selection filled with burgers, shakes, hot dogs, and soft serve icecream. They even had a DIY Shock’s Burger Box during lockdown so we could make our own burgers at home! During summer you can find their trucks in Waterway, Mall of Arabia, and ElKorba. Call 0122 2203831 for more information.