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6 New Metro Stations to Open On the 25th of April

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6 New Metro Stations to Open On the 25th of April
written by
Mariam Nowar

(Image credit: Egyptian Streets)

While work environments across the world are affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Egyptian government is sticking to its schedule for the opening of six new metro stations. We urge everyone to still take precautionary measures against the disease by washing hands regularly and maintaining social distancing.

Egyptian  Minister of Transportation, Kamel Al-Wazir, confirmed in a press release that the new metro stations are Al Nuzha, Hisham Barakat, Adly Mansour, Hikestep, Quba, and Omar Ibn Khattab, according to Akhbar Al Youm. Major General Dr Issam Wali announced the stations, which are phase four of the third metro line, as well as the electric train, and monorail, will also be opened according to the pre-set dates. The government expects them to be up and running on the 25th of April.

On the other hand, the celebration of major national projects such as the new administrative capital, and the Grand Egyptian Museum, will be postponed to 2021, according to Sky News Arabia. We hope all goes according to plan, and that the country can recover quickly from the tragic pandemic.

Listen to Al-Wazir’s full conversation with Sada El Balad down below: