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8 Animal Shelters in Egypt to Adopt Your New Furry Friend

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8 Animal Shelters in Egypt to Adopt Your New Furry Friend
    written by
    May Mansour

    Animal rights activists have been forced to take matters into their own hands in recent years. Whether it’s allocating and rescuing animals-in-need by themselves, creating online groups, or campaigning against dog breeding, their efforts have not gone unnoticed.

    More importantly, animal shelters are on the front-line of the humane initiative by welcoming stray and mistreated animals, which cannot speak for themselves. Many shelters around the country have been putting homeless animals up for adoption once their wellbeing has been checked. Hence, it is vital for animal lovers to consider adopting over purchase from profiteering pet shops and volunteering at shelters or even supporting those in need of more supplies than they can afford.

    Here is a list of animal shelters that work tirelessly for the welfare of animals. If you are looking to adopt, sponsor, or provide much-needed donations, keep reading…

    1) Chance Animal Rescue

    Located on Sakkara Tourist Road, this loving shelter hosts around 400 cats and dogs rescued from poison and abuse. They are currently working on several cases that need regular sponsors or contributions for medication and vet visits. Chance always keeps you posted on the progress of their animals-in-need, and their fundraisers have been successful in saving many lives.

    2) ESAF (The Egyptian Society of Animal Friends)

    A registered, non-profit animal organisation under Egyptian law, ESAF is an animal charity and shelter for cats and dogs. They catch, vaccinate, neuter, and operate on stray dogs in various neighbourhoods, and they also feed working horses at the Pyramids. The organisation has an adoption section on their page for furry friends looking for a home. ESAF is based in Nazlet Al Ashtar in Giza, and are in dire need of donations to help pay for rent and salaries, and provide food for their animals until adopted.

    3) HOPE

    An animal rescue shelter providing a network of rescuers, sponsors, and medical resources focused primarily on local (baladi) dogs, HOPE also welcomes all animals. They are located after Abu Sir pyramids in Kafr Abu Sir and are partnered with USA-based shelter, Stray Dog Support Inc., who help stray animals all over the world. HOPE is prompt at keeping you updated on the progress of their severe cases, and help promote other new and hand-working animal shelters in Egypt.

    4) Mariam’s Foster Home

    An animal rescue service that helps rescue, treat, vaccinate, and neuter abandoned cats, then find them a perfect home. Mariam’s Foster Home is in need of food, litter, and medication. You can help by providing any of the items required, a financial donation, or even by adopting one of their adorable cats who needs a loving home.

    5) Talya’s Rescue Furbabies & Co

    An animal shelter dedicated to rescuing stray and maltreated dogs, Talya’s Rescue Furbabies & Co are looking for potential homes, sponsors, and partners. Talya’s Rescue takes care of 140 dogs at the shelter and about 30 dogs at clinics. They are under a lot of financial pressure, so any donations to cover their debt on medical and vet bills would be welcomed and appreciated.

    6) CART (Cart Animal Rescue Team)

    Located in Abu Sir, Al Badrashin in Giza, and working to rescue strays and create awareness campaigns, CART is extremely efficient as they have an animal shelter, animal ambulance, and animal hospital. They keep you updated on cases pre and post-rescue and adoption, and they also accept donations to continue their work.

    7) ESMA (Egyptian Society of Mercy to Animals)

    An animal rescue shelter and adoption campaign that aims to locate potential homes and perfect companions for abandoned strays, ESMA have a Deputy International Adoption Coordinator and work to move animals to other countries for adoption. They are in need of flight parents for their global adoptions, and are looking for sponsors and donations for their Egyptian-based animals.

    8) Refk

    An animal rescue team in Cairo & Giza, Refk allocate and shelter maltreated, injured and abandoned animals. They urge others to contact them to collect animals that require urgent attention anywhere in the city and are looking for volunteers to help them do the job.

    All of these amazing shelters dedicate their lives to the welfare of animals. They have no government funds and require all the help they can get. A group by the name of Animal Adoptions in Egypt is also worth checking out. They are solely dedicated to finding homes for baladi dogs and all kinds of cats. Unfortunately, they are not a hub for animals who need rescue and medical attention, as their main focus is to rehome mistreated and stray animals. They also ban dog breeders from using their platform.

    Ready to meet your new best friend?