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8 Places in Cairo that are Perfect for Studying & Working

8 Places in Cairo that are Perfect for Studying & Working
written by
Ramy Soliman

It's become almost impossible to find a quiet corner in Cairo these days, especially when it comes to studying. Distractions are aplenty, whether at home or otherwise, and finding a quiet place amidst the city’s hustle and bustle, is like finding a needle in a haystack. Be it your term paper, your class project or just a brainstorming session with your co-workers, here is our pick for the best venues to study, work or even simply enjoy a quiet time.  

1. Approach

Located in the Sheraton Buildings area in Heliopolis, Approach is a study space designed specifically to solve the struggle of architects of finding a place for their work outside of homes and offices. Equipped with plenty of spaces to study and even providing some of the industry’s must-haves including laser cutting machines, Approach is every architecture’s dream come true.

2. Bikya

Located in Nasr City, Bikya is one of Cairo’s most enduring cultural hubs, which happens to also be ideal for getting some work done or studying in a quirky and relaxing environment.  Being a library and shop for second-hand books and a cultural space hosting concerts and artistic workshops, you might also give yourself a break from working or studying and check out what’s on for the night.

3. Booklet

If finding an inspiring environment is what will give you that extra nudge to buckle down, Booklet is bookshop and café is as good a place as any. With a simple 70s-inspired décor, a cafe menu and wi-fi, Booklet has all the essentials you need for a quiet time with your laptop or a pile of books.  

4. Cairo Deli (The District)

The District is one of the very first co-working spaces to open in Cairo, providing spaces for those aspiring to work in a productive atmosphere amongst productive people – but specifically Cairo Deli. With a cosy indoor space, the cafe is perfect for studying and when it comes to food, they have your back with an assortment of sandwiches, salads, hot beverages and other edibles.

5. Creativo

Located in Dokki, Creativo is a co-working venue providing a space for students, freelancers and entrepreneurs to work without being distracted. Offering plenty of simple and creative spaces, Creativo is a great alternative to have a space of your own, away from noisy cafés – especially given the fact the entire day is as cheap as 20LE. 

6. Diwan

While it may seem like the most obvious choice, this list would not be complete without Cairo's favourite bookshop, Diwan. Any of the many branches are perfect for studying, with soothing music in the background, a small station with hot drinks and snacks, not to mention thousands of books on sale – it really just sells itself.

7. Falak

Located in one of the quieter areas in the generally already quiet Garden City, Falak is a simple multi-purpose venue that involves arts and crafts displays, a library and a spacious café area for you to grab your laptop and/or study material and zone in with your work.

8. Sufi Bookstore

Though not very spacious, Zamalek’s Sufi Bookstore is ideal for a quiet solo work or study session or just a cup of coffee with friends in an authentic, easy atmosphere. But be sure to check out Sufi’s events calendar before heading over there – unless you don’t mind your quiet time clashing with a concert or an upcoming garage sale.

Now all that's left is to stop procrastinating…