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A Holiday Guide: What to Do in Cairo on a Weekend

A Holiday Guide: What to Do in Cairo on a Weekend
    written by
    Hannah Cooper

    Cairo is
    filled to the brim with places to see and experiences to soak in, whether it is
    the ancient monuments or off the beaten path sights that are Cairene secrets. If
    this is your first time to Cairo and you have no idea what to expect, you’re
    about to embark on an experience of utter chaos, which ironically has an
    inexplicable order to it. It’s going to be thrilling, magical and full of

    touching down at Cairo International Airport, make your way through the visa
    line and hail a cab to the place where you’ve chosen to lay your head for the
    next two nights. Tahrir Square in central Cairo is home to a slew of cheap hostels
    including Bella Luna and Nubian hostels; both located on Talaat Harb Street. Seeing
    as how it’s a great starting point for your Cairo sightseeing trip; we
    recommend grabbing a room in the area.

    Day One: It’s Thursday afternoon and the weekend
    has begun, so gear up for your incredible three-day journey. Start off with the
    infamous Egyptian Museum,
    which lies on the West side of Tahrir Square. After wandering through its ample
    amount of ancient antiquities and the royal mummy room, take a walk through the
    charming streets of Bab El Louk and take in all of the architecture around, an
    eclectic mix of Parisian influence to art deco.

    Shisha and tea
    are customary for the locals, so enjoy your own at Ahwa
    on El Nabarawy Street. Around
    the corner is Townhouse
    Art Gallery
    so poke your head in and
    take a look at some of the local talent. For dinner, dine at Koshary Tahrir
    for the traditional Egyptian dish, koshary. Wind up your night across the
    street at Horreya,
    where you can enjoy one of the cheapest beers around and quite a lively

    Day Two: Rise
    and Shine! With a full day ahead, stop off for a little breakfast at Fatatri
    El Tahrir,
    where you can grab a quick traditional pizza on the go. We recommend
    the sugar and honey fiteer. Your geography book is about to bounce to life with
    a trip to the Giza Pyramids; so head to the Metro and take the Sadat
    line to Giza. Don’t miss out on a camel ride and a tour inside
    the Great Pyramid.

    Hop back on the Metro and exit at Mar Girgis station
    where you step back into time as you wander around Coptic
    . Don’t miss the Hanging Church and Ben Ezra
    which dates back to the 6th century. For lunch, take the Metro
    to the Saad Zaghloul stop in Garden City. Around the corner from the Canadian
    Embassy, is Foul
    where you can enjoy the national dish of foul medames. For a
    beautiful Cairo sunset, head across the Corniche for a ride on the Nile.

    Day Three: Start
    off your morning at the beautiful Al Azhar Park for some rare greenery
    in Cairo. Enjoy your breakfast or lunch at the Lakeside
    with a view overlooking the city. Afterwards, take a tour of the Citadel
    and Mohammad Ali Mosque. Completed in 1184, the Citadel was built by
    Saladin while the Mosque, finished in 1848, boasts exquisite architecture.

    For dinner, Andrea in
    Marioteya and Mokattam has killer chicken, served up Egyptian style and if
    you’re feeling adventurous, the grilled quail is said to be superb. Before leaving
    the Cairo head to Islamic Cairo and enjoy a traditional Sufi Dance with whirling dervishes at Wekalet
    El Ghori. Across the street Khan
    El Khalili Market
    is a great shopping experience like no other. Be prepared
    for two things: bargaining and sensory overload.   Stop off at the famous El
    Fishawy Café
    , a 250-year-old café smack dab in the middle of the Khan.

    If you’re
    looking for more information, check out our website for a slew of ideas,
    including the best of Cairo’s restaurants, nightlife, art scene, and more.
    Embrace the chaos and enjoy your stay!