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A New Egypt: Help Give Back to The Needy in Egypt

A New Egypt: Help Give Back to The Needy in Egypt
written by
Cairo 360

A new era has begun in Egypt today, with hopes for a better
future for all of us. We still have a lot of work ahead, and with the
great proactive spirit of the past few weeks, we know that it is very possible
to keep helping others in need. Whether it’s cleaning up your neighbourhood
or volunteering with charities, now is a great time to get involved with
community initiatives.

The following charity initiatives are focusing their
efforts on feeding the needy, helping the injured and donating medical
supplies. We’ll keep you updated as we find new initiatives helping Egypt, and
if you have information about charity groups, write in the comment box below,
tweet or email us.

Khyrazad Organisation for Social Care: is partnering with the
Egyptian Food Bank and supermarket chain Kheir Zaman to collect cash donations
for thousands of families affected by the past few weeks. These
families rely on yawmeya, a daily work income, and many have lost their jobs
due to the current economic situation. Khyrazad will buy food at wholesale
price from supermarket chain Kheir Zaman, and donate the parcels to the
Egyptian Food Bank, which will then distribute the foods to thousands of needy
families. Please make your donation to BNP Paribas Bank, account No. 45000.  

Aside from working with the EFB, Khyrazad
also works with the Abol Reesh Children’s hospital, by collecting donations for
a new ambulance as well as a new children’s unit at the hospital.

Egyptian Food Bank: is
seeking donations to support those relying on daily income that have been
affected by recent events and have lost their jobs. The EFB accepts cash
donations to their bank account 888777/1 as well as food donations (specifically
dry or canned food) to their headquarters in Moqattam, or any of their
partnering organisations. The EFB accepts donations of 15LE, 30LE, 45LE, 60LE
and 90LE, which is enough for a whole family for one month. The more you donate;
the more families you help.

Resala: is a charity NGO with eight
branches in Cairo, as well as Alex, Damietta, Suez, Ismailia and El Wadi El
Gedeed among others. Resala is collecting blood donations, medical supplies and
cash donations to be directed towards hospitals treating those injured over the
past few weeks. Resala is also accepting donations of 120LE, which will buy a
food package for one family relying on yawmeya income. The package
includes rice, macaroni, lentils, sugar, meat and ghee.

With eight branches in
Cairo, Resala focuses on the low-income neighbourhoods near each branch, including
Dar El Salam, Sayeda Zeinab and Mokatam. Resala will send a volunteer to your
house to pick up your cash donations, and encourages people to give donations regularly with a fixed monthly sum to continue supporting families in need. To find
out how to donate from outside of Egypt, click here. You can also join Resala as a volunteer in any of their initiatives, including a neighbourhood clean-up initiative that they’ve launched.

3ashanek Ya Masr: is collecting
a database of those injured and killed during the demonstrations, as well as a
list of those still missing. If you wish to help the families of the dead and
wounded by donating cash, supplies or offering help, please contact 3ashanek Ya Masr at

There is also an initiative by
doctors who offer free surgery to those injured in the demonstrations. If you or
someone you know has been injured and cannot afford the surgery fees,
contact 0126956822 or 24750070. A website will be set up soon, and we’ll keep you posted.