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A Whole New World to Explore with Sky Hospitality

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A Whole New World to Explore with Sky Hospitality
    written by
    Mariam Nowar

    Like a star-studded horizon, Sky Hospitality has a few projects that will keep Cairo’s outgoing crowd entertained every waking moment. In our modern times, people are always in a rush to move from one place to another; and so we always wonder, what can help us live in the moment?

    “We see that Sky Hospitality is coming to enhance and improve the dining experience; we are not just opening a restaurant so you can get in, eat, and leave,” said CEO Essam Behery, who’s been in the business for numerous years.

    Sky Hospitality is Sky Investment Group’s latest addition, and although setting standards that defy the expectations is not an easy task, Behery credits “the consistency, quality, hygiene, and the safety precautions” as the major components for any franchise’s success story. “The F&B [industry] counts on every little detail. It needs passion, devotion and attention to all details,” he added, which are great qualities that can shape the future of the F&B business in Egypt.

    With the new Park Street mall on the agenda, along with many restaurants covering a broad spectrum of backgrounds, the F&B experts are giving you so many locations to spend your time.

    We never thought the Japanese and Italian cuisines would collide under one roof until Nî announced its presence with an extensive menu filled with all kinds of different options. You can kick off the day with a salad, move on to pasta, pizza, or a sandwich, and then end it with sushi. Just make sure there’s room for dessert because another diverse cuisine is waiting for you to explore. Le Flandrin, straight from Paris with delicious all-day dining, also has a colourful collection of baked goodies. Croissants, macrons, chocolat – you name it!

    Sky Hospitality also made sure those who want to experience familiar flavours can find what they seek in a brand new light on Mounai’s Mediterranean menu, or in a comfortable lounge setting at Cocteau that feels just like home.

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