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Ahram Safety Group Unlocks Social Media’s Attention With Their Newest Campaign

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Ahram Safety Group Unlocks Social Media’s Attention With Their Newest Campaign
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    Cairo 360

    Media can get people to talk about the most surprising of things. Sometimes we find ourselves discussing the oddest of trends. Indeed, this trending topic was definitely unpredictable. We were shocked to see social media users getting triggered by door locks: a highly vital, yet overlooked product, when it comes to securing our most valued possessions. On the other hand, our purchasing decisions are often negligent when it comes to picking a brand, when in fact; this should be one of the most carefully made decisions. After all, these locks are what keep us, our families, and our properties safe when we’re away or asleep at night.

    Ahram Safety Group have prompted discussion with their fresh and hip new ads that got us laughing, and genuinely considering the importance of door locks in our daily lives. They’ve just launched a new campaign with a radio and TV ad both showing us how crucial it is to buy safe door locks. But aside from all that, what we truly like about them is how much fun they are to watch.

    Tameem Youness, Art Director and Creative (as well as apparently a pop star now after his hit single Enti Ay Kalam), along with the creative team of Circus Cairo, have collaborated with Ahram Safety Group to produce the campaign that took the social media by storm. The campaign plays out quite brilliantly and is genuinely hilarious. Just take a look for yourself.

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    Posted by Ahram Security on Sunday, November 25, 2018


    This is not the first time that Ahram Security Group has used comedy in their advertisements. We remember an old-but-gold gem of theirs, featuring the loveable and hugely popular late comedian Alaa Wali El Din.

    Ahram Security Group is committed to providing safe and secure door locks and padlocks of different kinds for households and businesses in Egypt. It has been a leading manufacturing company in its field ever since it was founded in 1945 by the late engineer, Ezzat Aref. Over time, Ahram Security Group has grown and expanded its offerings through access control locking systems, as well as magnetic door locks. The company now has a market share of around 40% of the local market and is steadily growing in foreign markets as well.