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AIM: Media Festival in Cairo Working Towards a Unified Arab Identity

AIM: Media Festival in Cairo Working Towards a Unified Arab Identity
written by
Cairo 360

Media has inevitably become a fundamental part of our lives, which, not only plays an integral part of our communication but it’s also shaping the way nations and minds are thinking and developing. None more so than Egypt; where social media platforms have become a powerful tool transforming freedom of expression, social engagement and cyber-activism.

In light of media’ s powerful role in shaping nations, the faculty of Mass Communication at Modern Sciences and Arts University (MSA) is hosting the Arab Innovation Media Festival for Youth (AIM), a festival highlighting the evolution of media platforms, the way it is currently maneuvered in the digital world and the challenges that the Arab media is currently facing.

AIM’s foremost objective is to cultivate a better practice and understanding of ways to utilize the media at a grass-root level in the Arab world, especially in an ever-changing fast-paced digital world.   

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, AIM welcomes participants from six Arab countries including Jordan, Lebanon, KSA and the UAE, not to mention 3 participating Egyptian universities including the American University in Cairo, MSA and Cairo University.  

Carrying ‘Towards a Unified Arab Identity, the Strength in Our Differences’ as a motto, this year’s edition of AIM, welcomes projects of young Arab Mass Communication students within the fields of media, journalism, advertising and broadcasting, competing to deliver the best projects in terms of idea, creativity and execution, with topics revolving around the Arab identity and development in the Arab world.   

The festival will be held from the 12th to the 14th of December, featuring seminars and student exhibitions, panel discussions and press conferences amidst the attendance of prominent media figures, Arab world celebrities and a panel of jury that includes Tarek Nour, Medhat El Adl, Marian Khoury and Sekina Fouad who will pick the best student projects for the year 2015.  

AIM aspires to create a venue of experience sharing and networking to promote effective media engagement and interaction between the youth across the Arab world.

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