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All Fortnite Everything: Everything You Need to Know About CFCM’s Epic Gaming Tournament

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All Fortnite Everything: Everything You Need to Know About CFCM’s Epic Gaming Tournament
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Fortnite launched itself onto the gaming scene, knocking out all competition in online third-person shooter games. The survival action game has garnered a massive following of players that find themselves in a bubble, figuratively in the real world, and literally in the game. With its cartoonish graphics, building function, viral dance moves, and overall enjoyable player experience, gamers now have a powerful connection to Fortnite, making it one of the most popular online games on the scene.

Staying true to their philosophy of keeping up with trends, Cairo Festival City Mall (CFCM) decided to organize a special tournament specifically designed for those hardcore Fortnite fans. This tournament is the first step that CFCM has taken in launching the very first gaming platform in Egypt, and they chose Fortnite to be the theme of their first tournament, as it’s one of the highest grossing games in history, with one-year revenues of around 2.4 billion dollars.

Gaming has become an industry of its own, and CFCM are there to welcome it with open arms to Egypt. They are supporting the gaming industry and staying in tune with the fact that Egypt is becoming somewhat of a hub for the gaming and programming industries, after hosting a number of conferences.

CFCM partnered up with Epic Games, the game developers behind Fortnite, as well as Sony PlayStation. They invited 4,000 Egyptian and international gamers to the huge Fortnite tournament, which also saw about 17,000 attendees watching the happenings. The tournament will run for 17 days, engaging with thousands of fans and gamers and achieving unprecedented milestones for gaming competitions in Egypt. The event started on Thursday, 17 January, and featured celebrity gamers from around the Arab world, including Nour El Din X from Egypt, and Baraa from Bahrain who actually hosted the event during its first two days.

The tournament also invited players to select their favourite Fortnite costume, authentically inspired by the game’s fashion identity. For the finale, the whole mall will be lit up with the energy from the competition, even more so when a team of professional dancers perform a meticulously choreographed dance routine, inspired by those iconic dances in the game that have been going viral. Fans will be electro shuffling, jamming to the groove, pop locking, and even squat kicking all over CFCM, spreading the disco fever and having loads of fun.

The tournament is set to get more fired up near the end, as the last day will see more international gamers. Just like the game, there had to be winners who beat all the other competitors. Not one, but 64 winners will be announced in this competition, in addition to 3 final winning teams who’ll be receiving 2 PS4s per team, plus the well-earned tournament cup, with a ceremony adorned by the cheers of friends, families, as well as new-found fans. Aside from a number of game-themed gifts that the winners got to keep, the activities will conclude with a photo session where participants and supporters will get to keep those priceless memories in photos, remembering how smashing they looked in their Fortnite character costumes, and all the fun they had.

Cairo Festival City Mall has always strived to go the extra mile, break the boundaries of the norms, and keep up with the trends. We remember the stadium-like CFCM Arena they set up for the World Cup, the Mini-Russia as they called it, which was the next best thing to actually being in Russia. We’re certainly looking forward to seeing what they pull off next.