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Amr Diab to Perform at Al Masa New Alamein ‎Next Friday

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Amr Diab to Perform at Al Masa New Alamein ‎Next Friday
written by
Kareem Sheta

Featured Image: Egypt Today


If you think that the North Coast is done with its summer festivities, since today is the last day of Eid, then you’d better think twice! Saving the best for last, El Sahel concludes Eid’s celebrations with a memorable night, and a mind-blowing performance by Egyptian artist, Amr Diab!

If you are surprised by the news, don’t be, because the earliest online news source to post a reminder about the concert was Ahram Online, and it was just posted last Wednesday. The next big shocker is the date of the performance, which is Friday, 16th of August at 8PM, at the Music Arena of Al-Masa New Alamein complex.

Diab is set to perform a round of songs from his upcoming album, Ana Gheir, alongside a variety of his all-time favourites. According to Sada El Balad, Diab had cooperated with a group of notable songwriters and prominent composers for this album, including Hamid El Shaeri, Ahmed Al-Malki, Mohamed Rahim, Saber Kamal, Amir Teima, Nader Abdullah, Mohammady, Khaled Tag El Din, and Islam Zaki. Well, now we can hardly wait to hear it!

As for the venue, Egypt Independent states that arena accommodates more than 20,000 persons, fully prepped with all the latest equipment. As for the tickets, all you have to do is go to TicketsMarche. So far, the 2000LE tickets (HighTables/Regular) are sold out, but you can still purchase the Silver for 500LE, the Gold for 800LE, and the VIP Standing for 1,000LE.

The superstar’s social media feed, including Instagram and Facebook, share all the details of the highly anticipated event that is hosted by Vodafone Egypt; record label, Nay; media agency, Egypt Calendar, and marketing agency and event planner, X-Creavation.