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An Egyptian Woman Recounts her Journey Back to Egypt from America

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An Egyptian Woman Recounts her Journey Back to Egypt from America
written by
Mariam Nowar

(Image credit: Egypt Tours Portal)

Flights have been suspended since the 19th of March due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. However, the Egyptian government is still keen on bringing citizens back home, with numerous exceptional flights that carried them from various locations around the globe.

We stumbled on a Facebook post by Ethar Kamal El-Katatney, who recounted her trip back to Cairo from New York, on the 4th of April.

When El-Katatney landed in Egypt, she had already agreed to be held in quarantine. Her destination, originally Cairo, had been changed to Marsa Alam, on the shores of the Red Sea, where, after her temperature was taken, she was greeted with flowers and food. Everyone was wearing masks and personal protective gear, and she was tested for the virus.

Ten minutes later, she was given the clear, and headed through the procedures of getting her luggage to take a 15-minute bus ride to The Three Corners Sea Beach Resort;

“We were asked to fill in our info to speed up registration. Someone takes a roll call. Buses line up. Only one bus is allowed to disembark and check-in at a time to avoid crowding. I’m genuinely impressed at the organization – exceeded my expectations,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

Her luggage was sprayed three times, along with her body, to the soles of her shoes. Next thing you know, she finds herself in a hotel room by the Red Sea waters. Was she asked to pay anything? Not at all. What about her credit card details? They did not ask for it. Upon arrival, the room had been stocked with all sorts of drinks, along with toilet paper, which had been regularly out of stock in America.

She received three meals a day in her room, and she was given a number to dial if she required items from the pharmacy or the supermarket. Best of all, she gets to stay with a killer view of the sea!