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And Then There Was Light: How Pepsi’s Ramadan Campaign Actually Makes a Difference

And Then There Was Light: How Pepsi’s Ramadan Campaign Actually Makes a Difference
written by
Cairo 360

One of the primary pillars of Ramadan is to give back to the less fortunate and, over the last few years, one of the biggest advocates of that sentiment has been Pepsi.

Building on the success of last year’s Liters of Lights initiative, Pepsi are looking to go even further in 2016 in changing lives and asserting its role in giving back to local communities.

In using the hashtag #باللمة_نقد  (which translates rightly to ‘together we can’) and addressing the inconsistency and in some cases lack of electricity in Upper Egypt, Pepsi are reusing and recycling plastic Pepsi bottles to help light homes in the region, as well as lighting public places and playgrounds, giving youth the chance to play football and enjoy the great outdoors.

While the very notion of a lack of electricity might seem a foreign one to many, it’s been a huge issue for areas in Upper Egypt – but one that has been steadily but firmly remedied by Pepsi’s unwavering position as a role model to the corporate sector in Egypt and well as a support for community development.

The key to the success of Pepsi’s CSR campaign has been what is a seemingly deliberate sense of transparency in the initiative; there are no gimmicks here and unlike so many Ramadan ads and campaigns, the aim is clear – and you needn’t look further than the numbers. The Liter Of Light initiative has so far served to light three Upper Egyptian villages via solar power; the educational initiative Tomooh has supported up to 350,000 Egyptians in the last nine years; and the Dawry El Madares football tournaments have been taken part in by over 1 million school children in its ongoing thirteen-year run.

Pepsi’s ad has already made an impact, while the hashtag has already become viral, further proving the initiative's facility to not only ignite social media interest, but actually inspire and call into action.

For more information on Pepsi’s Ramadan initiative and  #باللمة_نقد , click here.