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Apps That Will Help You Throughout the Holy Month

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Apps That Will Help You Throughout the Holy Month
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Whether it’s to check our newsfeed, book a flight, play a game, or order a meal, the modern technology of applications have greatly helped our lives and have granted us access to countless services that are literally at our fingertips. But life, as we all know, is not all about fun and games, which is why we started to research some apps that would serve a more holy purpose during the sacred month of Ramadan. We were shocked to come across about 25 apps that would be most useful in this critical time of fasting, prayers, and piety. We listed the six apps that kept popping up the most:     

Muslim Pro

With a staggering rate of 4.7, this app crossed our paths many times throughout our search. Based on its official Google Play profile, Muslim Pro is recognised by more than 50 million Muslims around the world as the most accurate prayer time and azan application, which also includes Imsak and Iftar times, and multiple setting options.

The Holy Quran comes with soothing audio recitations with phonetics and translations to assist any nationality, as well as coloured tajweed to improve your pronunciation. The list of features goes on and on with a “tasbih” option, locations of halal restaurants, an animated qibla compass, a Hijri calendar, Islamic greeting cards, and so much more.

Ramadan Legacy

The world’s first fully featured app for Ramadan. Among the list of features, the options that caught our eye in the description were the 30-day interactive planner, a live stream option to share your Ramadan experience with other users around the world, and a journal section to document your daily emotions and thoughts. You can check out the rest of on their page.   

It states on Google Play, “The app combines smart technology and beautiful design all to help you enhance your worship to make Ramadan easy and enjoyable. Designed for individuals of all ages and backgrounds around the globe to experience their greatest Ramadan ever and record it, allowing them to create, track and build their Ramadan Legacy.”

Muslim Dua Now

It’s hard for some people to know and memorise daily prayers and supplications, maybe because there’re so many, or perhaps because we’re just plain lazy. Muslim Dua Now will help kids and adults not only to learn these prayers, but also to fully memorise and recite them.

Thanks to the app’s translations, recitations, search options, 18 Dua categories, and eye-soothing graphics, learning and memorising prayers has never been easier! 

Quran Majeed

Exceeding the rating of Muslim Pro with a score of 4.8, the app offers the complete verses of the Quran that have already been proofread by an Islamic scholar. Enjoy the peaceful voices of some of the world’s most famous reciters, such as Sheikh Abdul Basit, Sheikh As Sudays, Mishari Rashid, Saad Al Ghamdi, and many others.

Complementary features include the worldwide prayer times, the qibla compass, English and 45 other language translations, and English and Urdu audio. 

We could go on and on about the 20 other apps that we found, like InstaDeen Lite for sharing photos of Islamic Content, and Zabihah with the world’s most comprehensive halal restaurant database. But our message today was mainly to motivate readers to utilise a portion of the time that they spend social media apps for something a little more beneficial. After all, Ramadan comes only but once a year.