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AUTOVROOOM: Kart Racing Comes to Cairo with Egypt’s First & Only FIA-Approved Track

AUTOVROOOM: Kart Racing Comes to Cairo with Egypt’s First & Only FIA-Approved Track
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Cairo 360

There’s a certain type of ecstasy that only car enthusiasts truly understand – for many, driving is so much more than just a case of getting from A to B. In a city like Cairo, however, relentless traffic, renegade tuk-tuks and the very issue of parking are just a few of the issues that leave little room for the city’s drivers to enjoy taking to the road.

However, Egypt’s petrol heads will soon be able to find solace in AUTOVROOOM – a new, FIA-approved race track in Obour City.

First things first; let’s lay out the significance of the arrival of such a facility in Cairo.

The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) is a non-profit organisation that launched in 1904 as a union of sorts to represent and defend the interests of motoring organisations and car users worldwide. Nowadays, the association is recognised mostly in the mainstream eye as the governing body for the world’s most prestigious racing events, with member organisations in 125 countries across the globe.

It’s most significant role, however, is with Formula one and World Rally Championship; so, yes – this is the real deal.

AUTOVROOOM is set to open to the public by November, but has already made moves to host local, regional and international racing events including the Speed Challenge Championship, the Mediterranean & Middle East Open Cup and the CRG Open Cup, amongst others, on a track that has been built in an impressive 700 m2 area.

In addition, AUTOVROOOM has enlisted the help of international technology giant, Philips, for lighting solutions – just to add that extra touch of flair and drama as you drift around some of the track’s expertly designed corners.

That’s not the only big name attached to what is shaping up to be a truly exceptional facility, however. AUTOVROOOM is also the exclusive distributor for Italian racing kart manufacturer, CRG, whose long history in the sport has seen them produce several World Kart Championship winners and even Formula One driver, Vitantonio Liuzzi.

To those unfamiliar to the world of kart racing, this may all seem like intimidating gobbledygook, but AUTOVROOOM has been designed for novices, too, and is accessible to first-timers and those looking for a wholesome, fun day out.

AUTOVROOOM is set to hit the ground running with a very special tournament that will see Cairo’s top universities put their best men and women forward for a team-based tournament that will, in no uncertain terms, weed out the men from the boys.

Beyond the white lines of the track, AUTOVROOM is, in fact, part of what is set to be Cairo’s latest entertainment and lifestyle hub, Avenue. Combining only the best names in dining, beauty and much more, the complex is already set to welcome the likes of NOLA Cupcakes, Just Falafel, Café Supreme and Wasabi Joints, as well as Mohamed Al Sagheer and Jazzercize, in a three-building layout over an area of 35000 m2.

Stay tuned to Cairo 360 for exclusive news and coverage of AUTOVROOOM and you can stay up-to-date with the official AUTOVROOOM Facebook page.