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Azzurra Suites: Transforming Beach Houses into Homes

Azzurra Sahl Hasheesh Sahl Hasheesh VESTA Hospitality
Azzurra Suites: Transforming Beach Houses into Homes
written by
Aminah Keevy

On the hunt for a long stay at a gorgeous beach property? Craving a coastal getaway? Look no further! Fresh from VESTA Hospitality, the unique rental service providing the individualised “home away from home”, comes the Azzurra Suites at Azzurra Sahl Hasheesh.

Located between Hurghada and Safaga, the exclusive first-class gated compound boasts vistas of pearly white beaches and crystal blue waters as far as the eye can see. With 12 KM of pristine beach, it comes as no surprise that visitors and residents have coined Sahl Hasheesh as “The Jewel of the Red Sea.”

The Azzurra Suites only amplify such a reputation. Where past and present are flawlessly woven together, revel in the culture displayed through Egyptian architecture and design and, at the same time, appreciate the luxuries of contemporary living. Whether soaking in the sun or seeking refuge in your personalised dwelling, you will recognise the new definition of beach living, unparalleled by anything you’ve encountered before.

While set as a utopian holiday destination, these high-end luxury apartments serve as ideal long-term rentals offering privacy as well as exclusivity. Panoramic sunrises and sunsets backdropped by the golf course and mountains highlight the first of numerous benefits, including private golf carts to the beach and a nearby restaurant convenient for breakfast.

Available for booking online and offline, VESTA welcomes individual guests, couples, and families to book their state-of-the-art studios and one or two-bedroom suites at Azzurra Sahl Hasheesh.

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