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Banque du Caire: A Partner in the Success Story of Many Egyptian Athletes

Banque du Caire: A Partner in the Success Story of Many Egyptian Athletes
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    Cairo 360

    Images provided by Banque du Caire

    A natural-born talent in any game forces itself on the scene. However, it takes more than that to create a professional player. A nurturing that reinforces god’s gift with technical knowledge and physical and psychological stamina is a must, and this is where a sponsoring organisation shows its real dedication.

    Among the nation’s biggest supporters of sport is Banque du Caire, sponsoring a long list of Egyptian champions in various games, seven of whom are representing Egypt in the next Olympics. They include powerlifter, Sherif Othman; table-tennis player Dina Meshref; gymnast Aly Zahran, Karateka, Aly El-Sawy; swimmer Aly Khalaf Allah, Taekwondoin Nour Hussein, as well as equestrian, Kareem Elzoghby. When it comes to squash, the bank sponsors five champions, in addition to a sixth ‘mega champ’ that will be announced very soon.

    But Banque du Caire takes special pride in sponsoring basketball, being the first organisation to become the official sponsor of the Egyptian basketball federation, supporting the national teams for both genders of all ages. The bank also organised the celebration ceremony following the Super League finals, presenting three Arsenal-branded prepaid cards with balances up to 30k EGP as awards to the league’s MVP (most valuable player), top scorer, as well as the top 3-points shooter.

    Football lovers, especially Arsenal fans, will know that Banque du Caire has partnered with the renowned English premier league team for three years, offering its Egyptian fans Arsenal branded credit and debit cards, and many exclusive privileges, including special hospitality on game days at the Emirates Stadium, as well as rewarding them with official Arsenal merchandise. The partnership also builds bridges between Arsenal’s stars and legends and its Egyptian fan through creating interactive content and marketing campaigns.

    With its many offerings listed above, Banque du Caire proves itself as not only a solid sponsor for champions but also a supporter of sports fans as well.