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Best Affordable Makeup Artists in Cairo

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Best Affordable Makeup Artists in Cairo
written by
Salsabil Yasser
Image via Top Araby

With the wedding season upon us, you might want to get your makeup done professionally to get all glammed up, capturing your essence and making your dream makeup a reality. From soirée makeup to bridal glams, we’ve carefully handpicked the best of the best makeup artists—who won’t take advantage of your wallet!


Esraa Shehata

Image via Instagram

Starting off strong, Esraa Shehata is a professional makeup artist who is bound to enhance your natural beauty. Whether you’re looking for a makeup artist for your soirée makeup, engagement glam, or your bridal beauty, Esraa Shehata is your girl. The good news doesn’t end here, though. Her prices range from 450 EGP to 3300 EGP (for an all-inclusive bridal experience)! What more could we ask for?


Nada Mamdouh

Image via Instagram

A certified makeup artist, Nada Mamdouh is a master of her craft, creating unforgettable looks for your special occasions. Besides, she usually has enticing offers on different packages, so don’t miss out on that! With budget-friendly prices—even her bridal packages start at 2600 EGP—Nada Mamdouh blends professionalism, attention to detail, and remarkable prices!


Ruqaya Serag El Din

Image via Instagram

Specialised mainly in bridal makeup and engagement glams, Ruqaya’s prices range from 2500 EGP to 3500 EGP, including lashes, skin prep, and transportation fees! If you’re going for Ruqaya, trust that you’re getting a cream-of-the-crop service!


Rawan (Glowbyrou)

Image via Instagram

One of the best bargain makeup specialists out there, Rawan’s work never ceases to impress, artistically and financially! Rawan offers four different packages, starting at the shocking price of 800 EGP—and her most expensive package (a bridal package, obviously) is only 2000 EGP!


Zeina Abdelaziz

Image via Instagram

With an impressive portfolio, Zeina has worked in multiple big events, but that doesn’t mean her prices will be, in any way, cruel to you. If she comes to your hotel room, you will only pay 2000 EGP, and if you go to her place, you’ll pay 1500 EGP!


Mariam Hassan

Image via Instagram

Though slightly pricier than the previous makeup artists but still relatively affordable, Mariam Hassan, a certified and self-taught makeup artist, promises to make your dream looks come true with prices starting at 2500 EGP.