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Best Eid Al Fitr 2024 Dessert Innovations

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Best Eid Al Fitr 2024 Dessert Innovations
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Though Ramadan is behind us, our sweet tooth has yet to go away. Just like we’ve savoured all Ramadan desserts with all their twists, traditional Eid desserts have also undergone their share of twists. Here are all the newest Eid sweets that have defied expectations this year!


Tortina’s Latin Wedding Cakes

Always adding their personal creative touch to everything, Tortina introduces their Latin wedding cakes in boxes of 48 cakes (775 EGP), a surprising yet scrumptious take on our traditional, well-known Eid kahk. While their Latin wedding cakes resemble kahk, they’re made with a distinctive recipe featuring finely ground nuts—whether pistachios, hazelnuts, or walnuts—and soft butter instead of ghee. The dough of their pistachio Latin wedding cakes is crafted with finely ground pistachios and then stuffed with luscious pistachio pieces and mastic, while their hazelnut variety is made with finely ground hazelnuts and then stuffed with crunchy hazelnut pieces. Finally, the walnut Latin wedding cakes blend finely ground walnuts, honey, and cinnamon, presenting a unique fusion of flavours that all complement each other.


TBS’ Palestinian Kaak

Standing in solidarity with Palestine, TBS, besides contributing 10 per cent of their purchases to Palestine in collaboration with Al Joud NGO, adds a few Palestinian kaak pieces to their plain kahk and walnuts box (500 EGP/1 KG), introducing a new delectable sweet to our traditional Egyptian Eid. Also known as date ring cookies, TBS’ Palestinian kaak creates a lovely contrast of softness within and a slight, satisfying crunch on the outside.


Ketonista’s Healthy Eid Menu

For those of you who want to enjoy Eid sweets but don’t want all the calories that come with them, Ketonista’s extensive healthy Eid menu is your perfect match! From healthy kahk with all its varieties and fillings (295-395 EGP/16 pcs) to healthy orange biscuits (320 EGP/30 pcs), Ketonista leaves nothing undone for all the health enthusiasts.


House of Cocoa’s Chocolate & Lotus Kahk

House of Cocoa decided to amp up our traditional kahk a notch, introducing lotus and chocolate-covered variations instead of the usual confectioner’s sugar topping. They come in a 1 kg box with petit four, priced at 730 EGP.


Voila’s Chocolate Kahk

Another chocolatey twist on kahk, Voila offers a chocolate-covered kahk box (595 EGP) with a little sprinkle of pistachio, Oreos, hazelnut, or other delicious toppings, creating an irresistible treat.


Aboullaban’s Barazek

A traditional Syrian Eid treat to add to your Eid this year, Aboullaban might just be the only dessert shop to introduce the Syrian barazek (190 EGP/350 gm) to their Eid menu, which are some appetising, crunchy cookies coated with a thick layer of sesame.


Simonds’ Soirée Box

Obviously, our expectations are always high with Simonds, and drawing from over a century of experience, they never disappoint. If you haven’t tried Simonds’ Soirée box of bite-sized kahk, ghorayeba, and petit four, you’re truly missing out! With each eight pieces equivalent to one regular-sized serving, priced at 525 EGP for around 100 pieces, it’s an experience like no other.


Ratios’ Pecan Snowball Cookies

Jazzing up our Eid, Ratios sells delicious tender pecan snowball cookies rolled in confectioner’s sugar (50 EGP/1 pc), creating a melt-in-your-mouth treat that we promise you’ll love!