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Beware Commuters, Metro Station Closing for Renovations

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Beware Commuters, Metro Station Closing for Renovations
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Cairo 360

Beware Metro commuters, a new change is about to occur, but don’t worry, it’s not that involves a surge in prices. Metro stations will retain their usual operations except for one crucial station, El-Marg.

The Egyptian Company for Metro Management & Operation has announced that the station will be closed starting Tuesday, the 3rd of July, for a period of 5 months. This comes as a step in the renovation plan initiated by the company.

One of the elements selected by the Company for improvement is the long distance between the New Marg and Old Marg Stations. Currently, the trip takes around 10 minutes, but the plan is to re-route the metro in an effort to reduce the trip time to three and a half minutes.

In order to achieve their goal, the station will be transformed into a surface station with escalators and elevators to accommodate for the elderly and people of different abilities. This comes in coordination with the Cairo Governorate, Egypt’s General Transport Authority, and the Cairo Traffic Authority, who will provide a number of temporary busses to take commuters to and from the stations concerned till the renovations are completed.