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Blast From the Past: TV Legend Galal Allam’s Comeback with Freska’s Endehash Academy

Blast From the Past: TV Legend Galal Allam’s Comeback with Freska’s Endehash Academy
written by
Cairo 360

Egyptian born-and-bred brand, Freska, teamed up with 90s TV legend and that one guy we all wished was our cool uncle, Galal Allam – remember him? – for a novel new competition that could see you win a jet-setting holiday.

Allam has a place in many a childhood memory in Egypt. What can you say about the man, the myth, the legend? You see, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone that still manages to be eccentric by being no-nonsense. The 90s TV star – who has something of the Chuck Norris meme about him – was a household name with his quirky clip show, Mawaqef We Taraqef, which ran for a remarkable 20 years – twenty years spent bringing endehahsh to the masses, if you will. His return to screens across Egypt has been met with that warm, fuzzy sense of nostalgia by all and, at Cairo 360 headquarters at least, we’ve all been insistently whistling and humming that darn catchy intro music…

Through his show, Allam became somewhat of a cult celebrity for the sheer randomness and endehash that he beamed into homes across during the show’s run and so his teaming up with Freska and the Endehash Academy is a match made in heaven.

The competition channelled Allam’s trademark eccentricity in the most beautifully random of ways, putting entrants through a series of questions that only he could come up with – and that only he would have the answer to. For example, did you know that the doorbell was invented in 1831? No, us neither. Or that a giraffe can’t swim? Well that one seems like common sense, but it’s still good to have confirmation.

But two brave souls rose up to the challenge and won trips to South Africa with Gazef – in addition to tens of other entrants winning IMAX tickets weekly – marking the culmination of one of the most downright wackiest things we’ve seen in this still very young year.

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