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Blossoming Legacy: Mazhar Botanic Garden’s Commitment to Biodiversity & Exceptional Greenery

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Blossoming Legacy: Mazhar Botanic Garden’s Commitment to Biodiversity & Exceptional Greenery
written by
Malak Gharib

Nestled in the Barageel district of Giza, just five kilometres away from Cairo’s bustling centre, the Mazhar Botanic Garden (MBG) is a true marvel. Whether you’re looking for beautiful scenery, a breath of fresh air, or are a plant enthusiast, this is the place for you. With a lush expanse of 23 acres, MBG is a sanctuary for biodiversity, showcasing a rich collection of 60,000 living specimens, from tropical plants to desert succulents.

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Not just a garden, MBG is a committed guardian of endangered species, aligning its mission with global conservation standards. Affiliated with Botanic Gardens Conservation International and boasting international collaborations, MBG shares its knowledge, contributing to preserving Egypt’s botanical heritage and fostering sustainable design strategies worldwide.

Beyond having a delightful visit, the location is committed to making changes in academia and science. It is home to a laboratory conducting soil tests and plant sap analysis, a herbarium managed by Dr Therese Labib (the chief botanical gardens consultant in Egypt), a composting operation (five greenhouses and three glasshouses), and seven conservatories focused on research, conservation, and propagation programmes ranging from plant breeding experiments to acclimatisation trials.

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Since its inception in the 1950s, MBG has collected various plants, including palms, trees, shrubs, bamboo, cactus, bulbs, ferns, and aquatics. More than 3500 new plant species were brought from abroad as saplings or seeds through personal trips and importation. The location has a variety of areas to explore, including small museums and different kinds of gardens and greenhouses.

The garden is divided into three areas: the Plant area (which includes cacti, bamboo bulbs, and others), the Herbariums area, and the Gardens. All those zones feature stunning flora in all its variety and different scents, making your trip both educational and a place to explore!

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MBG is powered by 100 engineers, doctors, and farmers committed to maintaining the standard at this incredible location and making it a leader in Egypt’s greenery realm. Their work includes academic and scientific research to keep this varied collection of greenery and gardens as bright as possible. The garden staff manages and maintains departments, features, facilities, and initiatives to provide society with lasting economic and cultural benefits.

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