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BREAKING NEWS: Giza Zoo to Temporarily Close

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BREAKING NEWS: Giza Zoo to Temporarily Close
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How are you all doing in the beautiful weather today, Cairenes? It’s certainly something to test the perseverance of one’s will. Anyway, despite your sheer desire to stay at home, if you were for some reason planning on visiting the Giza Zoo soon, you should know that it has been temporarily closed.

Due to the severe weather conditions, the Ministry of Agriculture has opted to close down Giza Zoo and all other zoos in Egypt. Such conditions are risky in terms of falling trees and present some health risks as well. You’d be relieved to know that the animals and birds have been brought into their shelters, as the usual exhibition areas are hazardous to them too.

This is the second time this week that all Egyptian zoos have been closed. Dr Mohamed Ragae, Head of the Public Zoos Central Administration, has announced the closure of all zoos in Egypt due to the weather conditions and the risks they may present towards civilians and the animals. He added that the zoo’s entrance would be closed, and the zoo evacuated in order to mitigate any risks. The weather conditions will be monitored, and if they continue to be this severe in the upcoming days, all zoos in Egypt will remain closed.

Dr Ragae also assures all citizens that the necessary precautions are in effect. Along with the animals being brought inside to their shelters, all open areas have been covered. They’ve also conducted the required practices to avoid any adverse health effects on the animals. The staff are providing the animals with nutritious food to help keep them warm, and veterinarians are continuously monitoring the animals’ health to ensure they’re in good condition. He concluded by stating that there are no adverse effects on any of the animals in the zoo.

We hope this storm passes by quickly, and we can swiftly return to enjoying the great outdoors of Cairo, including the Giza Zoo. Stay safe, Cairenes.