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Cadbury Dairy Milk Pays Tribute to Egyptian Everyday Heroes with its Latest Campaign ‎

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Cadbury Dairy Milk Pays Tribute to Egyptian Everyday Heroes with its Latest Campaign  ‎
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    Let us all admit that it has been a one long, tough March for all of us; first came the storm, then followed the Coronavirus outbreak and its trail of repercussions that has us all feeling stressed out. However, a silver lining shone amid the cloud of unfortunate happenings, taking the shape of a round of good deeds done by many Egyptians.

    In the rainy days, we saw car owners driving pedestrians across the street, establishment owners welcoming people for shelter, while others made it their mission to keep stray cats and dogs away from the cold. When times got harder, and the Coronavirus ordeal took over, the caring side of Egyptians has again shown itself in many ways. Cadbury Dairy Milk decided to pay those givers homage with a video highlighting their deeds, to encourage other people to jump on board — check it out:


    Across the nation, many individuals offered senior citizens their services, like Osama Mahdy, who runs errands on his bike for the elderly living alone, free of charge. Even Egyptians living abroad offered help to those stuck when their flights were suspended.

    A teacher named Mostafa Solaiman went the extra mile, posting various videos to help students understand geometry. Speaking of youth, young men took to the streets to raise awareness on the importance of following safety measures.  None of the above good-deeds doers aimed for fame, nor wanted any reward.

    Cadbury Dairy Milk celebrated some of them by sending giveaways. Of course, there were loads of chocolate, but to keep the dynamo of their good doings moving, the lucky ones also got gadgets that will help them carry on their missions; Mahdy was given a helmet, a headset, and a shin-guard to keep safe on the road, while Solaiman was provided with a camera, a microphone, and other items that will come in handy while recording his next lessons.

    Having always been the brand to spread happiness among chocolate lovers everywhere, Cadbury Dairy Milk now aims to spread positivity, asking you to bring out the hero in you, offer help when needed, and be the reason of someone else’s happiness.