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Cairo 360 Is Turning 8!

Cairo 360 Is Turning 8!
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Cairo 360

Sleepless, frenetic and ever-changing; it might seem a little intimidating from afar, but Cairo indeed is quite a character, and we can’t believe we’ve been discovering its hidden gems for 8 years now. Yes, you read that right Cairo 360 is turning 8! That’s 8 years of knowing that there is more to our beloved Cairo than meets the eye, and 8 years’ worth of scouring this city low and high for everything that will make a Cairene’s life easier.

Be it a good restaurant, with food that delights a hungry stomach, a shop that won’t break a budget, or even a jolly-good event that mends a broken heart, there’s always a catch to our endless hunt. But we can’t complain, for our countless articles, covering nearly every aspect of the city, has earned us your trust, and a couple of international awards too.

Thanks to you – our millions of readers – we are proud to announce that on Wednesday the 7th of March we’ll put our grand mission aside, put our party-animal attire on and head to our second home, Cairo Jazz Club, to celebrate the 8th anniversary of The Definitive Guide to Living in the Capital.

If you are not acquainted with our birthday parties; no worries, just keep it simple, we are all but a bunch of city roamers, who are looking for good times. We are talking about a friendly chat here and there, an infinite round of shots and drinks, plus some goofy-dance-moves-flaunting to the R&B beats of the one and only DJ Feedo. Nothing scary, nor embarrassing, you know.

That being said, just bring yourself and allow us to make you party the Cairo 360 way!  The usual entry policy of Cairo Jazz Club applies.