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Cairo 360’s Guide to Best Date Spots

Cairo 360’s Guide to Best Date Spots
    written by
    Aleksandra Sekinger

    You’ve found that special someone and now it’s time to
    romance him or her. While Cairo
    is a fantastic city, you’ve got to have a game plan to execute a great date. Thankfully,
    Cairo 360 has
    brainstormed five great plans for five hot dates. In our line-up, you’ll find
    the full range of dating adventures from a picnic at Al Azhar to a night out at
    one of Cairo’s
    finest restaurants.

    The Greek Club

    During the summers, the Greek
    is a great date spot thanks to their outdoor garden terrace. Throw in
    their legendary Greek salad, freshly fried calamari and shish tawook; and
    you’ve got a delightful dinner for two. Beer, wine and ouzo are also available.
    Even if it does get a bit crowded, the tables are spread far apart enough so that
    you’ll be able to carry out a private conversation on the terrace.

    After dinner, it’s just a five-minute walk to Townhouse Gallery
    of Contemporary Art
    , where you can check out what’s going on in Cairo’s art scene. Dinner
    for two at the Greek Club can go for around 75LE to100LE, and exhibits at
    Townhouse are free of charge.

    La Maison Blanche

    If you’re the kind of person that wants to impress
    your date with a fancy venue and a delicious plate of food– and you’re not
    afraid of paying big bucks– La Maison Blanche
    is calling your name. The perfect place to dine in style, La Maison Blanche is
    a French restaurant offering some of Cairo’s
    most elegant and exquisite food.

    We recommend the smoked salmon soup, which is creamy
    and divine amidst the tender scallops and sprigs of asparagus, and the
    Australian rack of lamb that was well-seasoned and cooked to perfection. Expect
    dinner for two to go for around 800LE. It’s a high bill, but well worth it if
    it can be afforded. Look forward to a complimentary sixth course of flavoured
    chocolates, macaroons, marshmallows and Turkish delight.

    Dinner & A Movie, VIP-Style

    Dinner and a film is always fun for a date night. Why
    not treat your date to the classic dinner and a movie but take it up a notch? There
    are plenty of restaurants in City Stars, including Mexican food extraordinaire El
    . The mixed grill fajitas entrée is a must. Strips of perfectly
    marinated carne asada, grilled chicken and shrimp served atop a bed of green
    peppers and onions come sizzling on a steaming hot plate.

    Make your cinema trip special by treating your love
    interest to Golden Stars Cinema, which has three exclusive VIP theatres with
    incredible reclining arm charms. Don’t forget to book your seats in advance to
    optimise seat locations. Dinner at El Chico for a couple will cost around 200LE,
    while VIP Lounge Seating costs 100LE per person.

    Felucca Excursion

    Tell your date to meet you at a designated time on the
    Corniche in front of the Four Seasons Hotel in Garden City at a felucca spot is
    called Dok Doks. An hour before, run over to Taboula and pick up
    loads of mezzas and fresh salads, including their lovely hummus with meat,
    muhammara (a dip made from walnuts, chilli peppers and olive oil), grilled
    halloumi, fattoush and taboula.

    Then scurry on over to the Corniche in front of the
    Four Seasons to secure a private felucca for two. When your date arrives, there
    will be delicious fresh food, a private felucca and the Nile
    waiting for him or her. What could be more romantic than that? A few appetisers
    at Taboula should not set you over 100LE and a private felucca might cost
    anywhere from 60 per hour but can be bargained down.

    Al Azhar Picnic

    What could be lovelier than a peaceful afternoon in a
    park, enjoying a hand-prepared picnic? Not only is this a less expensive
    option, but your date will also appreciate that the picnic has a personal
    touch. Pack a picnic basket full of sandwiches, fresh carrots, tomatoes,
    cucumbers, labnah, hummus, olive oil and cold drinks. Metro supermarkets have a
    fridge at every entrance that sells freshly made sandwiches and quite bites if
    you’re looking for a grab-and-go option.

    Next, pick your date up and head over to Al Azhar
    Park. The entrance per person is only 5LE, and there’s lots of grass to roll
    over and have a nice afternoon picnic on. Don’t forget to pack some water and a
    blanket to lie on.