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Cairo Cinema Days is Back With its 7th Edition in Zawya Cinema

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Cairo Cinema Days is Back With its 7th Edition in Zawya Cinema
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Still from Four Daughters

Cinephiles rejoice; Cairo Cinema Days (CCD) is back! With the aim of highlighting the diverse and vibrant landscape of Arab Cinema, CCD’s 7th edition is finally underway, continuing its mission to showcase the latest productions gifted to us from across the Arab world. From May to July, cinephiles are treated to an impossible-to-replicate journey through a curated selection of feature-length films, offering glimpses into the rich culture of Arab storytelling.

This year, CCD spans three months to extend the cinematic experience and deepen the engagement with Arab cinema. Hosted by Zawya Cinema, a prominent movie hub in Cairo, CCD guarantees that audiences delve into the cinematic treasures crafted by filmmakers across the Arab region.

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The line-up for May promises a captivating, diverse array of narratives and documentaries, each offering a unique perspective and voice. From Tunisia, viewers are invited to indulge in Kaouther Ben Hania’s Four Daughters and Sonia Ben Slama’s Machtat, two compelling and exceptional documentaries.

Continuing the journey, Palestinian filmmaker Farah Nabulsi presents The Teacher. Meanwhile, Jude Chehab’s Q, a documentary from Lebanon, promises an experience like no other.

As the month unfolds, audiences are treated to a diverse range of cinematic experiences. Sofia Alaoui’s Animalia, a captivating thriller from Morocco, captivates viewers with its immersive narrative and visual storytelling. Meanwhile, Ali Kalthami’s Mandoob is, simply put, an unmissable Saudi feature!

Still from Machtat

Beyond mere entertainment, Cairo Cinema Days serves as a platform for cultural exchange, fostering a deeper understanding of the Arab world and its multifaceted identity. Through its diverse selection of films, CCD engages audiences in different issues and themes. From social relevance to cultural heritage and individual expression, CCD is bound to spark unforgettable conversations and memories.

With all this in mind, Cairo Cinema Days is one of those events you absolutely must attend. Go watch what they have to offer at least one of the days, and thank us later!