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Cairo Governorate Announces New Ticket Prices for Public Buses

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Cairo Governorate Announces New Ticket Prices for Public Buses
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Cairo 360

The Ministry of Transportation has announced new ticket prices for the ministry owned and operated public buses. This increase for Cairo Transport Authority (CTA) buses comes as a direct result of the spike in gasoline prices. The increase was proposed yesterday by the Ministry, and was approved today by Engineer Atef Abdelhamid, Cairo’s Governor. It is important to differentiate here between the micro-buses we talked about yesterday, and the buses we are talking about today; the former function on a fare that shouldn’t increase more than 20%, whilst the latter function on a ticket system. 

To clear up all this confusion, here is your guide to Cairo’s new bus ticket fees. For buses that travel 30 KM or less, the ticket price is 3 LE. As for buses that cover a distance between 31 KM to 40 KM, the ticket fee is 4 LE. For buses that travel 41 KM to 60 KM ticket prices go for 5 LE. Ticket prices for Cairo’s new double-decker bus (equipped with wireless internet, air condition, and USB phone charging ports) go for 7 LE. All this means that approximately 80% of public buses will cost 3 LE.