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Cairo Guide to Life in Mohandiseen

Cairo Guide to Life in Mohandiseen
    written by
    Cairo 360

    You may need
    to scratch beneath the concrete surface of Mohandiseen to see the beauty of
    this Cairo
    neighbourhood. Having developed in the last 50 or so years, Mohandiseen is
    known more for its wide avenues than its historic tourist attractions. However,
    this neighbourhood has a lot more than state-of-the-art traffic lights;
    Mohandiseen has streets lined with shops, a great café culture and a number of
    quality restaurants.

    smaller side streets are packed with shops, so it’s worth exploring the
    neighbourhood for some unique boutiques or budget options, whereas the
    neighbourhood’s several main streets are lined with a vast number of popular
    Egyptian brands as well as international names.

    Geziret El Arab Street is
    probably the best area to start a day of clothes shopping in Mohandiseen. where
    names such as Tommy
    , Massimo
    and Nautica join the list of Geziret El Arab’s high-end names. For anyone
    looking to spend a little less for fashion, check out Bershka,
    and Bear
    and Mango, or head to Ahmed Orabi Street for Egyptian department
    store Omar Effendi. Sporting goods can
    be found on Shehab Street
    at one of Adidas several branches or the exceptionally well-priced Sports

    is a gadget geek’s sanctuary with shops such as Compu
    , Game Valley and Tradeline. Gamaat El Dowal Street even has a whole mall
    devoted entirely to computers and electronics, where the prices of laptops and
    sound systems are often negotiable.

    cafés include Cairo’s
    major chains such as Cilantro, Costa, Beano’s and Cinnabon. If you’re looking
    for more than a cup of coffee, we suggest giving one of the neighbourhood’s
    many unique coffee spots a try.

    Fratelli is
    a great option if you’re looking for a light meal with your coffee. It’s a little pricey for a café, but it has a
    great atmosphere. Beau
    serves wonderful shisha, while Marsh
    is a great spot for football and juice in the summer. Caracas
    is one of our favourites in the area for its delicious food and great service
    and Eros is a popular café during game time.  

    Mohandiseen has some delicious juice stands as
    well, and we recommend the cocktail at Ganet
    El Fawakeh Awlad Hesham
    or Toot Express. You may be tempted to stick with what you know when it comes to coffee,
    but with names like Retro,
    Zinc, Cloud 9 and Rasberry, how
    could you resist Mohandiseen’s charming and funky café options?

    neighbourhood also has some of Cairo’s favourite dining options.   Neighbourhood favourites include Steakout,
    where reservations aren’t accepted, but the large portions of comfort food are
    worth the wait. A number of seafood options are available in Mohandiseen such
    as Samakmak
    and Gandofli. For
    foreign flare, we recommend the newly opened Essence
    a Pakistani restaurant, Paxy’s for
    Korean barbeque, or Cedar’s mouth-watering Lebanese cuisine.

    Splurging at
    a restaurant is not reserved to Cairo’s
    hotels: Mohandiseen has several upscale dining options. Charwood’s
    has delicious steaks and is a great spot for a special date. We love
    neighbouring restaurants Kandahar
    and Raoucha as well. The
    former excels at Indian curries– the palaak paneer is a must– while the latter
    gives Lebanese dining an elegant atmosphere. Cairo’s
    best-known sushi joint Mori also
    has a branch in Mohandiseen, while Makani has a tiny
    branch tucked around the corner from Syria

    budget restaurants are just as popular. Chicken Tikka is always
    busy and Al Omda serves
    Egyptian fare at a great price. El Tabei El
    makes some of the best foul and taameya in Cairo. During Ramadan, this shop is especially
    busy late into the night.

    Zamalek and Maadi, Mohandiseen isn’t known as a great area to go for a stroll; so you have to hit the gym if you need a workout. Samia Allouba’s very first branch is located
    just off of Syria Street,
    and recently a women’s only branch opened next door. There’s also Curves if all you have is 30 minutes to spare. 

    Men and women alike can build
    strength at the Health &
    Fitness Academy
    , but if you’re
    in the mood to be spoilt rather than svelte, check out La Rose Spa or Manuela Thai Spa for a

    When visiting
    Mohandiseen, we recommend taking a taxi. Parking is very limited in this part
    of town, so unless you want to spend a lot of time searching for a spot or a
    lot of money paying off parking attendants or policemen to unclamp your car;
    it’s best to avoid the hassle.

    neighbourhood sees a lot of foot traffic too, and be aware that Gamaat El Dowal
    has a reputation for street harassment.