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Cairo University Students Can Now Pay Tuition Fees at ATMs

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Cairo University Students Can Now Pay Tuition Fees at ATMs
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Cairo 360

Featured image via: Cairo University 


Great news for all Cairo University students, your long waits at the seemingly endless queues for paying fees are about to end. Now all Cairo University students will be able to pay their annual fees using ATMs in a smart, easy, and quick manner.

Cairo University has just announced that annual fees for the new year of 2018-2019 can be paid electronically through ATMs. So how can you do so? Well, as a freshman, you will be given a credit card for free on the day of your medical examination. Next up, make a deposit at any ATM or at any bank branch. The bank will then give the student a code number; the code number is to be given to the Student Affairs Office of the student’s faculty so that they can confirm that the payment has been made. But before that, the student needs to ensure that all his/her personal data is correct; that means the correct spelling of the student’s name, the proper name of the student’s department, class, and the fees themselves, all need to be accurately represented. Finally, keep the receipt with you as a confirmation of your payment.

Any Cairo University student will tell you how much of a blessing this is, given the tight schedule of the tuition office, and the long lines you have to stand in. If you encounter any problems in payment, you can relay your queries to the following email:

Still unsure how the whole payment method works? Check out this video that will show you all the steps.

Enjoy a quicker and smarter way of paying tuition fees.