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Cairo University Takes Initiative Towards Students With Disabilities

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Cairo University Takes Initiative Towards Students With Disabilities
    written by
    Mariam Nowar

    (Image credit: Cairo University)


    Nobody can truly understand how it feels to live with a disability unless they have experienced such circumstances themselves. In an effort to be more inclusive, Cairo University (CU) has started an initiative towards students with disabilities on World Day for People with Disabilities. This initiative includes the establishment of a unit that will cater to students with disabilities and facilitate their learning.

    Last Tuesday, the president of CU, Mohamed Al Khesht, prioritised the integration of people with disabilities into the community, as he launched new activities, such as training courses in sign language, according to Egypt Today. In addition, Al Khesht stated that all students have the right to attend classes at any faculty of their liking, as well as represent their faculties at the Students Union. He also eliminated the term “Mongolian” as a derogatory term from all curriculums.

    The governmental decision to provide free paperwork came parallel to these academic efforts.  National identity cards, travel documents, and work permits can be issued free of charge to people with disabilities, according to the Minister of Interiors, Mahmoud Tawfik. This campaign will run for one week, starting from the 3rd of December.

    We hope that similar empathetic actions can be shown by regular citizens towards people with disabilities. These changes made by CU and the Egyptian Government should only spark more kind deeds in society as we fully accept those who have different needs.