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Cairo Weekend Guide: Bahiyya, Wust El Balad, Hisham Abbas and More!

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Cairo Weekend Guide: Bahiyya, Wust El Balad, Hisham Abbas and More!
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    The Cairo Weekend guide returns after a short hiatus; last weekend Ramadan seemed to have taken its toll on everyone in the city, but Cairo is back and packed with a spectrum of events that will keep you up all night, here’s the deal:

    This Thursday, Ali El Helbawy takes to Wisdom Hall’s stage at El Sawy Culturewheel, to sing a variety of Oriental and Sufi tunes (Photo: Ali El Helbawy / Facebook)

    It’s Ramadan, folks, so expect tons of spiritual nights coming to your way this Thursday; Behler Passage’s Spiritual Music Nights, sees Syrian Sufi chanter, Adnan El Sasa, taking to the stage, on a night that also sees the Palestinian folk troupe performing the Debke, while Sufi chanters, El Radwan, take to Cairo Opera House’s Open Air Theatre. Swinging between Oriental and Sufi tunes, Ali El Helbawy takes to Wisdom Hall’s El Sawy Culturewheel in Zamalek.

    Speaking of Oriental music, Photopia welcomes local band Bahiyya, who take to the stage to pay tribute to El Sheikh Emam and Sayed Darwish, while this edition of Darb1718’s MazzikaXElSat7 sees local band, TakseirSharqi, performing various Oriental and folk tunes.

    Another folk night takes place, but at El Dammah Theatre, where Sudanese troupe, El Rango, take to the stage, while it’s an underground music night at ROOM Art Space, where local band,Do’souka, hit the stage for a round of Arabic contemporary numbers. Alternatively, the French Institute in Cairo’s Les Nuits du Ramadan sees Conteurs, a storytelling performanceby El Hakawateya Troupe.

    As for Ramadan tents, The Tap West’s El 7anafeya welcomes pop star, Hisham Abbas to the stage, The Tap East’s El 7anafeya sees Hossam Hosny and local band, Salalem, while Eat & Barrel’s Hakawy El Nil sees a performance by Sha’by star, Poussy.

    Marimba player, Nesma Abdel Aziz, takes to the stage of Cairo Opera House’s Open Air Theatre this Friday (Photo: Nesma Abdel Aziz /Facebook)

    On Friday, Egyptian Marimba enchantress, Nesma Abdel Aziz, takes to the stage of Cairo Opera House’s Open Theatre, local band, Ka’bDayer, head to Bab 18’s stage for an Arabic rock night, Ney player, Mohammed Antar, plays solo on the stage of El Dammah Theatre, while Paranoid Eyes cover some Pink Floyd classics at ROOM Art Space.

    This night’s dose of spiritual music cannot be found anywhere else but at El Ghoury Dome, where chanter, El Sheikh Mahmoud El Tohamy, takes to the stage, and at Alrab3, where FakhrLoqman head to the stage for a round of chants and Oriental tunes.

    Elsewhere, MazzikaXElSat7 hosts a jazz night, served by Egyptian artist, Mostafa Rizk, and his band, while Yellow Umbrella ventures to bring back the good ol’ days of Ramadan, by screening various old-school Ramadan shows and adverts, on Ramadan Nostalgic Night

    Meanwhile, local band, Wust El Balad, take to the stage at The Tap East, while The Tap West welcomes legendary Sha’by star, Ahmed Adaweya, along with Poussy.

    As for Saturday, chanting group, Al Hadra, takes to the stage of Cairo Opera House’s Open Air Theatre, as Sudanese diva, Asia Madani, hits ROOM Art Space’s stage for some folk numbers. Alternatively, Bab 18 welcomes local band, Retro.4, to the stage for a round of songs that meld Western and Oriental tunes, while El Mawlaweya El Masrya take over at El Ghoury Dome for a spiritual night.

    That’s not all, check the Cairo 360 Events Calendar for more things to do and places to go this weekend!