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Cairo Weekend Guide: DJ Feedo, Maryam Saleh, Disco Misr & More…

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Cairo Weekend Guide: DJ Feedo, Maryam Saleh, Disco Misr & More…
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Cairo 360

Here comes a long weekend that will wash down the long, tedious working days; treat yourself and make the best out of this beautiful twist of fate that doesn’t happen very often. Here are some of this long weekend’s hottest happenings:

Wednesday starts with a movie night at Tahrir Cultural Center, where this edition of TCC Cinema sees the screening of Arrhythmia, and a jazz night at 3elbt Alwan, courtesy of Adam Miller &the Band. This week’s edition of Darb 1718’s MazzikaXElSat7 welcomes multinational band 100 Monkeys to the stage for a round of tunes that blends various genres and sounds, while El Sawy Culturewheel hosts an Arabic contemporary music night, where Ali El Haggar takes to the stage for a round of his classics.

This Wednesday, Maryam Saleh takes to the stage at Cairo Jazz Club 610 for a round of Arabic contemporary tunes
(Photo: Maryam Saleh / Facebook)

Another night of the same genre takes place, but at Cairo Jazz Club 610 this time, where Maryam Saleh takes to the stage alongside Gouda Bar and Aly Eissa, while it’s all about hip-hop and R&B at The Tap East, where DJ Mobbz, and DJunkie takes to the decks. Elsewhere, The Tap Maadi’s electronic night sees Kidmims, and Kikk spinning some tunes, while this edition of Cairo Jazz Club’s Disco 7amra welcomes Disco Misr, and Bubblegum Kollectiv.

As For Thursday, Coca-Cola gathers its ambassadors, Mahmoud El Esseily, Abu, Amir Eid, and Hana Ghoneim, for a massive music night at Al Manara Internationa Conference Centre, ROOM Art Space welcomes underground band Do’souka for a round of tunes, while 3elbt Alwan hosts a raï music night, where local band Rai-Na take to the stage.

Amro & the Big Bang Boogie take to the stage this Thursday at Cairo Jazz Club
(Photo: Amro & the Big Bang Boogie / Facebook)

When the night grows older, DJ Soul M, and DJ Feedo spin some hip-hop and R&B at The Tap West, DJ Doggy Dogg serves the same genre at The Tap Maadi, while MotherFunkers play some funk at The Tap East. Funk music is also on the menu at Cairo Jazz Club, where Funk Off take to the decks, along with Amro & the Big Bang Boogie, while DJ Oriol Calvo comes all the way from Ibiza to spin some tunes at Cairo Jazz Club 610, on a night that also sees DJ Ahmed Eid taking to the decks.

Friday brings more music, Youssra El Hawary and her band take to the stage for a round of Arabic contemporary tunes at ROOM Art Space, Paranoid Eyes cover some Pink Floyd classics at 3elbt Alwan, while it’s a rap music night at Darb 1718, where this edition of MazzikaXElSat7 sees Egyptian rapper Marwan Pablo taking to the stage.

Elsewhere, DJ Feedo spins some R&B and hip-hop on the decks at Cairo Jazz Club, on a night called Block Party, DJ Mr. Arafa drops some house beats at The Tap East, while DJ FrogMoose plays some disco, hip-hop, and funk at The Tap Maad. Sealing the night, DJ Moenes, and DJ Hady Tarek are in for a progressive house music night at Cairo Jazz Club   

When it comes to Saturday, Asyad El Zar take to the stage at El Dammah Theater for a folk music night, Egyptian songstress Nour Khan sings some anime-rock tunes at ROOM Art Space, while Gallery Haifa celebrates Palestinian Heritage Day with various folk tunes and dances.

Later, The Tap West sees Spade of Hearts taking to the stage for a round of jazz tunes, Cairo Jazz Club sees High Dam taking to the stage for a round of Nubian tunes, DJ Teddy plays some pop songs at The Tap East; the same genre with which DJ Jack seals the night at The Tap Maadi.  

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, check the Cairo 360 Events page for more things to do and places to go this weekend.