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Cairo Weekend Guide: Hesham Kharma, Heavy Pins, Egyptian Project & More…

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Cairo Weekend Guide: Hesham Kharma, Heavy Pins, Egyptian Project & More…
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Featured image: Heavy Pins – Facebook


The weekend begins with Halloween taking over the city; we’ve already gathered a roundup of events celebrating the season in this article, so if your costume is ready, you know where to go. However, if Halloween is not your cup of tea, Cairo still has what it takes to keep you entertained during the weekend. Here’s the deal:

Thursday starts with a Sufi night at Sufi Bookstore, courtesy of Rabee Zain Mahmoud, a jazz night at the Grand Nile Tower Hotel, where Ahmed Nazmi takes to the stage, and an Arabic music night at MUST Opera House, where Ali El Haggar is on the menu. Meanwhile at Cairo Opera House, Open-Air Theatre hosts a night, where pianist and composer Hesham Kharma takes to the stage for a host of tunes.  

The night also sees a couple of open-mic nights taking place, one at Ideaspace, and another at ROOM Art Space Garden City, where all the talented Cairenes out there are welcome to flaunt their skills on stage.

Cairo Jazz Club 610’s Halloween Party sees Heavy Pins taking to the decks for a house night this Thursday
(Heavy Pins – Facebook)

When the night grows older, Halloween parties ensue; DJunkie spins some R&B and hip-hop tunes at The Tap West, DJ Feedo plays the same genre but on the decks at The Tap East, while STZ and Dou take to the decks at The Tap Maadi for a round of pop tunes. Cairo Jazz Club 610 celebrates the season with a house night, courtesy of DJ Mohasseb, as well as Heavy Pins.

Elsewhere, Cairo Jazz Club hosts a massive pop, funk, and jazz music night, with a lineup that includes Omar Emara, Daisy & The Fuzz, and The One Four Five, while Darb 1718 hosts a night that sees Egyptian Project taking to the stage.  

Friday comes with an Oriental fusion night at Darb 1718, where Balqeis takes to the stage, and an underground Arabic music night at ROOM Art Space Garden City courtesy of Do’souka. Local band Gawy celebrates its fourth anniversary at El Sawy Culturewheel, with a round of Arabic contemporary tunes, while Ka’b  Dayer play a host of Arabic rock songs at Ideaspace.

This Friday, Hawas take to the stage for a round of contemporary tunes on a night called Fel Mix at The Greek Campus (Hawas – Facebook)

Mohammed Mounir takes to the Main Hall’s stage at Cairo Opera House, as part of the 28th edition of Arab Music Festival, while a lineup of Islam Chipsy, Hawas, Taksir Sharqi, and Abdel Baset Hamouda takes to the stage on a night called Fel Mix, at The Greek Campus.

Elsewhere, Cairo Jazz Club 610 hosts a night that sees Disco Masr, DJ Bakir, and Funk Off taking to the decks, while Cairo Jazz Club’s night sees DJs, Timour Omar, Shafei, and Shiha. Son Siete, and Ramsi Lehner play a host of Latin tunes at The Tap Maadi, while Doggy Dog, and Feedo take to decks for a host of R&B and hip-hop at The Tap West.

As for Saturday, Estabena take to the stage at ROOM Art Space Garden City for a host of Mediterranean Tunes, Asyad El Zar play a host of folk tunes at El Dammah Theater, while Arab Music Festival sees Medhat Saleh taking to the stage at Cairo Opera House. When the night grows older, Adam’s Apple play some acoustic tunes at The Tap East, DJ Teddy plays some pop on the decks at The Tap West, while it’s a jam night at The Tap Maadi.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, check the Cairo 360 Events page for more things to do and places to go this weekend.