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Cairo Weekend Guide: Night Two of Mawaweel, the Hayy Festival Continues & Live Entertainment at Cairo’s Ramadan Tents

Cairo Weekend Guide: Night Two of Mawaweel, the Hayy Festival Continues & Live Entertainment at Cairo’s Ramadan Tents
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    Hello, Cairo!

    Two weeks into Ramadan and our biological clocks are well out of tune and it’s easy to forget what having a social life feels like – gossiping about Nelly Karim or Ramez Galal doesn’t count. We’re so caught up in work, what we’re having for fetar and or sohour, what time Haret El Yahood is going to be on, etc., that we welcome the weekend with open arms just so we can actually do something fun. Have no fear, there’s plenty to do this weekend that will reinvigorate you and keep you going throughout the week.

    The weekend starts off on a sultry note this Thursday, with Tunisian vocalist, Ghalia Benali, perform at El Sawy Culturewheel, while over at Westown Hub, Gipsea Band, spice things up a bit with a little Latin flavor. Elsewhere, night two of Darb 1718 and Cairo Jazz Club Agency’s alternative Ramadan festival, Mawaweel, host live performances by Nubian-inspired musician, Basheer, pop-rock favourites, Salalem, and the unique Mazaher.

    Also at El Sawy Culturewheel, Om Kolthoum returns thanks to the Sakkia Puppet Theatre for a night of pure, unadulterated nostalgia, while Eat & Barrel’s kheima, Ramadan Fel Harra, welcomes Rai-fusion band, Sahara.

    On Friday, the Music Tent hosts one of its biggest gigs of the year with legendary singer, Aida El Ayoubi, and Westown Hub welcomes local band, Wust El Balad, as part of their live music program, while the Arab Takht Ensemble and Yasser Moawad play at Cairo Opera House. Meanwhile, the Hayy Festival resumes with Maryam Saleh and Ziad Hamdan who team up for a unique performance at the Greek Campus.

    The weekend’s entertainment continues at Eat & Barrel’s Ramadan Fel Harra, with a live tannoura show, while quirky tent, Fawzeer, welcomes Massar Egbari for El Gom3a El Keebeera.

    On Saturday, the Hayy Festival continues with Youssra El Harawy scheduled to perform, and, over at Cairo Opera House, Dina El Wedidi blends the contemporary and the Oriental for in the Open-Air Theatre.

    Finally, at Wikalet El Ghouri, a tanoura and traditional dance show like no other is taking place, as the El Ghouri Tannoura Dance Group performs.

    There are, of course, plenty of other options with the best Ramadan tents in the capital and the city’s top sohour spots, as well as plenty of festive Ramadan fun at Cairo’s top hotels.

    Much and more is taking place this weekend in the capital; for the full list, checkout the Cairo 360 events calendar.