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Cairo Weekend Guide: North Coast or Not?

Cairo Weekend Guide: North Coast or Not?
    written by
    Cairo 360

    you haven’t migrated to the North Coast this weekend like the rest of Egypt ,
    congratulations! We’re here to help keep things interesting inside the city. We’d
    hate to see a perfectly good, relatively traffic-free weekend go to waste; so
    here we go.

    to Makan’s Project
    open mic event this
    Thursday to show off your talents, and don’t forget to visit the Cairo Jazz Club for an evening of dance
    floor fun with DJ
    Masters at Funk
    on Friday, with a Saturday performance of alternative
    music by Sahara.
    For more music, band Massar
    is in town from Alex for a live performance at Al Geneina Theatre on Friday – or if
    you’re feeling sophisticated, artsy and intellectual, catch artist Juan
    Carlos Noria’s exhibit
    at Articulate
    Baboon Art Gallery
    before it wraps up on the 11 th.   For evening revelling, catch DJ Ramsi Lehner
    and DJ Kicksy for a night of innovative grooves for Cinky
    at the Thai Orchid.

    weekend means time to relax at last – so drop by the Conrad pool for a lazy day of lounging and sun – we’ve been
    recently and quite liked it, so stay tuned for our upcoming review. We’re
    especially excited about the Burger
    promotion at Fairmont
    Nile City ’s
    Napa Grill, an excellent place for a hearty weekend lunch, with specialty
    burgers featured weekly.

    you’re feeling a bit more ambitious this weekend, we’ve got you covered. In the
    interest of keeping Cairo as decked out and fresh looking as our beautiful
    site, we’ve done our homework and devised some ingenious ways to stock your closet so you can hit Cairo’s weekend scene in
    style, without over-burdening your wallet.

    course, most Cairenes are making a beeline for the beach once the final work
    whistle blows – and so are many of our favourite establishments, from boutiques
    to lounges (Loolies, Indigo and Tamarai, to name a few). Tamarai NC 151 kicks off Sahel season with duo DJ Samba and DJ Fahmy, premiering
    some exciting new material from Samba’s very own Electrum Records. Mercedes Benz
    Star Lounge is hosting Serge
    and special guests for an invitation-only open bar evening of

    North Coast isn’t the only hip beach destination
    around! If you must get out of town, don’t forget to consider a trip to El
    , where newly-opened lounge C
    looks promising for some beach-side night life. Also on offer is a Thursday
    Hip Hop
    and R&B night at Moods
    , featuring DJ SPIN, Ministry Of Sound,
    HedKandi and DJ Dev!L.  

    you decide to do, have a fabulous weekend!