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Cairo Weekend Guide: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Yehia Khalil, Nour Project & More…

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Cairo Weekend Guide: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Yehia Khalil, Nour Project & More…
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    Here comes another weekend brimming with a colourful spectrum of events. Check out what’s going on during the next few days, and start making plans.

    Thursday begins with two jazz nights; one at Cairo Opera House, where the Small Hall sees Yehia Khalil taking to the stage, while the other takes place at Darb 1718, courtesy of Noha Fekry Quartet who’ll be performing a round of jazz tunes.

    Meanwhile, The Sinatrashit the stage at 3elbt Alwan for a round of Frankie covers, Shady Ahmed and Tarek Abdelkawi serve up some original folk numbers on the guitar and the mandolin at ROOM Art Space, while El Kaff El Aswanytake to the stage at El Dammah Theater for a round of Nubian tunes.

    This Thursday sees Hot Oasis taking to the decks at The Tap West for a round of house tunes
    (Photo: Hot Oasis / Facebook)

    But it’s a hip-hop and R&B night at The Tap Maadi, where DJunkie takes to the decks, and at Opia as well, but with DJ Feedotaking over. Elsewhere, it’s a house music night at The Tap East, thanks to the beats of DJ Armen V, and at The Tap West too, where DJ Hot Oasis, and Ouzo play some chilled house tunes on the decks.

    More electronic music comes with Misty, Kitchen Crowd, and Ahmed Eid hit the decks all at once to play back-to-back at Cairo Jazz Club 610, while Cairo Jazz Club sees Smash Beats, Sotusura, and Safi taking charge of music.

    This Friday, Nouran Aboutaleb sings various Arabic jazz tunes at ROOM Art Space
    (Photo: Nour Aboutaleb / Facebook)

    When Friday comes, Red Hot Chili Peppers take to the stage at The pyramids for a set of their classics, Nour Projectcelebrate the launch of their first album, Awel Album, on River Hall’s stage at El SawyCulturewheel, and Nouran Aboutaleb sings some Arabic jazz numbers at ROOM Art Space.

    Elsewhere, El Tanbouraplay a round of Egyptian folk tunes at 3elbt Alwan, Wegz hits Darb 1718’s stage for some rap songs, while Mahmoud El Tohamy chants some religious tunes at Alrab3.

    DJ Mohasseb is on the menu at Cairo Jazz Club, where he takes to the decks to spin some house tunes, RamyDJunkie, A.K, and Kaboo head to the decks at Cairo Jazz Club 610 for a night of hip-hop and R&B, while Mobbz, and Feedo serve the same genre at The Tap West.

    French Institute in Cairo hosts a live music night this Saturday, courtesy of French band P’tites Ouvreuses
    (Photo: P’tites Ouvreuses /Facebook)

    As for Saturday, it’s an Irish folk music night at Darb 1718, where members of Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann -Society of the Musicians of Ireland- take to the stage, while French band P’tites Ouvreuses play some numbers at the French Institute in Cairo. 

    More music comes with Al Safy playing Arabic rock songs at ROOM Art Space, local band The Hues taking to the stage at 3elbt Alwan for an acoustic night, and DJ Kashouty serving some pop hits on the decks at The Tap East. The weekend closes with Hamed El Sayeh playing some tunes on his guitar at The Tap Maadi, and Nour Project taking to the stage at Cairo Jazz Club, on another night of Saturday L’Oriental.

    That’s just the tip of the iceberg, check the Cairo 360 Events page for more things to do and places to go this weekend.