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Cairo Weekend Guide: Screwdriver, Akher Zapheer, Do’souka & More…

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Cairo Weekend Guide: Screwdriver, Akher Zapheer, Do’souka & More…
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    Can’t exactly complain, but we noticed how this year has been throwing long weekends in our way, giving us more time to get best of both worlds; unwind and be out and about. Here’s a glimpse of what you can do to get your dose of entertainment:

    Thursday begins with an Arabic contemporary night, where up and comer songstress Lella Fadda takes to the stage for a round of covers and originals, and at Darb 1718, where MazzkiaXElSat7 sees El Dor El Awal taking to the stage.

    Elsewhere, El Dammah Thetare hosts a folk night, courtesy of El Tanboura Troupe, ROOM Art Space’s Oriental night sees Mohammed Antar playing various tunes on his ney, while Makan welcomes The Sinatras to the stage to cover a variety of classics by Frank Sinatra. Movie lovers can head to Downtown’s Irth, which sees a double screening of Al Bahth A’n Om Kalthoum , which follows a director who is looking for an actress to play the role of Om Kalthoum in her movie.

    When the night grows older, DJ Mobbz spins some R&B tunes at The Tap Maadi, Blitz plays some rock and roll at The Tap West, before Armen V takes over for around of house beats, while a number of cheesy songs are on the menu at The Tap East on a night called Cheeseballs.

    This Thursday, Amro & the Big Bang Boogie play some jazz at Cairo Jazz Club
    (Photo: Amro & the Big Bang Boogie / Facebook)

    Cairo Jazz club 610 hosts a big night that sees A-Sqaured taking to decks for a round Tech-house and nu disco tunes, before Amigos take their reggae vibes to the stage along with Cairokee’s Tamer Hashem and Sharmoofers’ Ahmed Bahaa. It’s an equally massive night at Cairo Jazz Club, where pop/rock band Screwdriver and jazz band Amro & the Big Bang Boogie take to the stage.

    When Friday comes, Do’souka play some underground numbers at Darb 1718, Nouran Aboutaleb and Samer George take to  ROOM Art Space’s stage for a round of Arabic contemporary tunes, while Khalaf and Fox perform the same genre, but at Gallery Haifa. More Arabic songs set in at El Sawy Culturewheel , where poet and singer Ahmed Kamel take to River Hall’s stage, while Sheikh Ehab Younis chants some religious numbers on Wisdom Hall’s Stage.

    Coldplay tribute band, Strawberry Swing, take to the stage at The Tap Maadi, this Friday
    (Photo: Strawberry Swing / Facebook)

    A lucky night for hip-hop and R&B fans; The Tap West sees Doggy Dog taking to decks, followed by none other than Feedo, while Cairo Jazz Club 610’s night is courtesy of DJ A.K. . House music lovers have their own share too, as DJ Mohsen Kamal takes to decks at The Tap East, and Aguizi & Fahim take over at Cairo Jazz Club. Elsewhere, The Tap Maadi sees a Coldplay tribute night, where local cover band Strawberry Swing head to the stage.

    As for Saturday, ROOM Art Space welcomes all the talented Cairenes out there to join its open-mic night, El Sawy Culturewheel sees Wa’d El Bahary singing some Arabic tunes, while Cairo Opera House screens Verdi’s Aida, live from the Metropolitan Opera House.

    This Saturday, Arabic rock band, Akher Zapheer, comes all the way from Jordan to play a round of tunes on the stage of Cairo Jazz Club 610 (Photo: Akher Zapheer / Facebook)

    Meanwhile, El Awela Baladi takes to the stage at Bedayat for a round of covers by El Sheikh Emam and Sayed Darwish, Basata sing some Arabic contemporary numbers at Cairo Jazz Club, while Jordanian band Akher Zapheer take over at Cairo Jazz Club 610 for an Arabic rock night.  As the night comes to a close, DJ Teddy spins some hip-hop and R&B at The Tap West, Funktion of Funk and DJ Sewwes play some funky tunes at The Tap Maadi, while DJ Kashouty takes to decks at The Tap East for a round of beats.

    If you find yourself in the mood for going out on Sunday, check out Hula Hoop Labyrinth exhibition at Gallery Misr, where Hend Samir displays her latest works, or head to Cairo Jazz Club, where Spade of Hearts –formerly known as Adham Roushdy & the Wave Jazz Band– take to the stage for a round of tunes.

    That’s just the tip of the iceberg, check the Cairo 360 Events page for more things to do and places to go this weekend.