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Cairo Weekend Guide: Wust El Balad, DJ Feedo, Mahmoud Radaideh, and More…

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Cairo Weekend Guide: Wust El Balad, DJ Feedo, Mahmoud Radaideh, and More…
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Featured image (Wust El Balad / Facebook)


Let us all agree that no matter how much we love our jobs, the first week after that one long Eid vacation felt like an eternity. The wait will be over in a few more hours, and that’s when the city unlocks a spectrum of events that will set the mood right. Here’s a glimpse:

Thursday begins with a musical performance of Carmen at El Hanager Arts Center, a Gothic blues music night at Darb 1718, courtesy of American songstress Artemisia, while Ali El Haggar sings some of his classics at Cairo Opera House.

Swinging between oriental and jazz music, Mai Kamal is set to take to the stage at ROOM Art Space in Garden City, Syrian artist Magd El Qassem takes over at El Sawy Culturewheel for a round of Arabic pop numbers, while Darawish Abou El Gheit are in charge of El Dammah Theater’s folk music night.

The vibes are entirely different at The Tap West, where DJunkie serves a round of R&B and hip-hoptunes, and at The Tap Maadi as well, but with Doggy Dogg taking to the decks to play the same genre. DJ Ike spins some pop hits on the decks at The Tap East, while DJ Fabric, and DJ Fuzzy are on the menu at Cairo Jazz 610, which hosts a night of electronic music

As for Friday, Ali El Helbawy sings contemporary Arabic tunes at El Sawy Culturewheel, Tamer Ashour sings the same genre, but at Cairo Opera House, while local band Janan serve some Arabic pop/rock numbers at Garden City’s ROOM Art Space.

This Friday, Jadal’s frontman, Mahmoud Radaideh, takes to the stage at ROOM Art Space in New Cairo
(Photo: Mahomoud Radaideh / Facebook)

Speaking of which, ROOM Art Space’s New Cairo branch welcomes Jadal’s frontman Mahmoud Radaideh to take to the stage for a solo night, while this edition of Darb 1718’s MazzikaXElSat7 sees local Pink Floyd cover band,Paranoid Eyes playing a round of classics.

More music comes when DJ Feedo spins some hip-hop and R&B beats at The Tap West, DJ Mohsen Kamel plays house at The Tap East, while it’s all about pop at The Tap Maadi, where DJ Bakir hits the decks.

While Cairo Jazz Club hosts a progressive and tech house night, courtesy of DJ Moenes, and Hassan El Far, Cairo Jazz 610 brings us a shaabi night, where Abdel Basset Hamouda, Shennawy, and Andro El Hawy take to the stage.

Seems like local bands are taking over Cairo this Saturday; Wust El Balad play world music at Cairo Opera House, Salalem serve some funk and pop at The Tap East, RT Nuba head to Cairo Jazz Club’s stage for a Nubian music night, while Abu Zaid & His Friends are in charge of music at ROOM Art Space Garden City.

Other than that, Ahmed Kamel takes to El Sawy Culturewheel’s stage for a round of Arabic pop tunes, Asyad El Zar play some folk numbers at El Dammah Theater, while Spade of Hearts seals the weekend at The Tap West with a variety of jazz tunes.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, check the Cairo 360 Events page for more things to do and places to go this weekend.