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Cairo Weekend Guide: Wust El Balad, Omar Khairat, Massar Egbari & More…

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Cairo Weekend Guide: Wust El Balad, Omar Khairat, Massar Egbari & More…
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Featured image via DJ Ouzo-Facebook.


We’ve been told that the heatwave is set to fade over the next few days, and we do want to believe it. Be it gone, or not, check out what Cairo is offering during the weekend; we have put together this list of various events for the upcoming days to ensure an enjoyable 3-day spectacular.  

This Thursday, Wust El Balad are set to take to the stage at Tahrir Cultural Center as part of Cairo Jazz Festival
(Wust El Balad / Facebook)

Thursday starts with the beginning of Cairo Jazz Festival at Tahrir Cultural Center, where Wust El Balad, Circle of Four, Artvark & Drums United, as well as The Gypsy Jazz Project are set to take to the stage. El Sawy Culturewheel hosts a night that sees Ahmed Kamal taking to the stage for a round of tunes, while El Dammah Theater hosts a Nubian music night, courtesy of Nubanour. Another folk night is set to take place, but at ROOM Art Space, where Radio Yemen take to the stage for a round of Yemeni songs.

Elsewhere, Cairo Jazz 610 hosts a house night that sees a lineup of English producer and DJ Jody Wisternoff, DJ Sebzz, and 16BL, while The Tap West delivers a disco and funk night, courtesy of DJs, Akladios, Kidmims, and Azaar. It’s all about hip-hop and R&B at The Tap Maadi, where Batawi, and Soul M head to the decks.

Friday begins with El Hadra taking to the stage at Cairo Opera House for some beautiful Sufi music, composer Omar Khairat will be playing a round of classical tunes at The Marquee, while ROOM Art Space New Cairo sees a Dine & Jazz night, where you can appreciate some soothing jazz music while savouring a delicious meal.

Nouran Abou Taleb is taking to the stage this Friday along with Livio Minafra at ROOM Art Space
(Nouran Abou Taleb / Facebook)

When the night grows older, Kitchen Crowd, Ouzo, and Omar Sherif take to the decks for a round of house tunes at Cairo Jazz 610, while over at The Tap West, DJs Mobbz and Doggy Dogg serve a selection of hip-hop and R&B tunes. As part of Cairo Jazz Festival, ROOM Art Space Garden City welcomes Italian pianist Livio Minafra to the stage, on a night that also sees Nouran Aboutaleb singing.

Saturday wraps things up on a musical note; singer and instrumentalist Youssra El Hawaryis on stage, along with her band at the Tahrir Cultural Center as part of Cairo Jazz Festival. Cairo Opera House hosts A Romantic Affair, El Gomhoria Theater hosts a Sufi night courtesy of Syrian band Al Marashli, while Mohammed Shaheen takes to the stage at El Sawy Culturewheel for a round of tunes.

Finally, local band Massar Egbari will be performing at The Tap East, The Tap Jazz Trio takes to the stage at The Tap West, while an open Jam Night is set to take place at The Tap Maadi. Meanwhile, Egyptian-Belgian artist, Tamino, will be at Cairo Jazz Club 610 to conclude the weekend.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, check the Cairo 360 Events page for more things to do and places to go this weekend.