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Celebrating the 11th Anniversary of Cairo 360!

11th Anniversary Cairo 360 Waseem El Tanahi
Celebrating the 11th Anniversary of Cairo 360!
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Cairo 360

On a bright day in March, 11 years ago, Cairo 360 took off to explore all the nooks and crannies of Egypt to bring you the definitive guide to living in the capital.

On Cairo 360, you’ll find thousands of recommendations about places to go, films to watch, and shopping highlights, which will help you navigate through Cairo with a comprehensive guide that fits right in your pocket.

This year marks over a decade in the business, and we’re proud of how far we’ve come. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every member who made this dream come true. From our devoted readers, to our honourable clientele, and the family that built Cairo 360 one step at a time.

But of course, we cannot thank one person in particular enough for being the driving force behind Cairo 360; Founder and CEO, Waseem El Tanahi.

Cairo 360 came into life in March, 2010. How have things changed then and now?

Waseem El Tanahi: Cairo is still just as exciting, or possibly even more so than when I arrived back in 2007.  We keep reinventing ourselves, our outings, our food, the events happening, our nightspots. There are new additions all the time. The city itself has expanded massively east and west and slowly there is a shift towards outings in the suburbs. At the same time, there was very little content about Cairo online back in 2007 and there seems to have been an explosion in content aimed at Cairenes which we like to think we had a little hand in triggering.

11 years is quite some time. When you look back, what do you believe played the biggest factor in Cairo 360’s success story?

W: The people! The millions of readers who come to our site and social media every month to find out about everything happening in the city, and the hundreds of writers who have worked with us since inception to contribute to our success along the way. To all these people, I am incredibly grateful.

What is the main message that Cairo 360 will always advocate for no matter how many years pass by?

W: Cairo is one of the greatest cities on Earth. Keep discovering everything it has to offer and you will never get bored of living here.