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Check out Egypt’s List of Most Admired People

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Check out Egypt’s List of Most Admired People
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You know when you’re out with your friends, and sometimes a discussion comes up when you discuss a particular prominent figure, whether they’re classified as a positive or negative influence. Typically, the conversation ends in either harmonious agreement, heated debate, or shifting to another topic of discussion entirely. Well, now we’ve narrowed them down for you in the following list of the “World’s Most Admirable 2019” by YouGov.

Some of you might be thinking that this is just another subjective and inaccurate online survey with a database of 20 or so people that are probably friends of the owner to begin with. Well, let’s tell you about YouGov, and your opinion might change! It’s actually a community of over 5 million people around the world who share their views before all the information is analysed, and selected findings are published every day on its website. Their latest work comprises of two listicles featuring the top 25 liked global figures from the perspective of our nation’s inhabitants.


Before we reveal the Egyptian entries in each of the male and female lists, we should point out that some of the names are somewhat surprising and unexpected! For men, in first place we have a name that wasn’t really that big of a shock, considering the philanthropic work and countless rescue missions that he has performed over the past year. It’s none other than, Sir Magdi Yacoub (24.03%)! Coming in second, with a 3.65% difference in votes, is a man who might have been the figure typically expected to be in first place; it’s the King of the Pharaohs, Mo Salah! Last year, Salah was ranked higher than Yacoub at 15.7% by only a minor 0.4% difference. Upon skimming through the rest of the names of 2019, the only remaining Egyptian in the list was Dr. Mohamed El Baradei, the renowned Egyptian diplomat.

Now, let’s move on to the women. Surprisingly, there was only Egyptian on the female list. Who is it? I guess we should have seen it coming since her show is viewed by millions. Have you guessed her name yet? It’s journalist and talk show host, Mona El Shazly in 3rd place with 10.28%. Last year, her spot was filled with actress-turned-journalist, Isaad Younes, along with other diverse characters, from the MENA region, including former First Lady, Jehan Sadat and Minister of Investment, Sahar Nasr. Unfortunately, neither of them maintained their positions this year.    

Check out the rest of the international personalities on YouGov’s list of “World’s Most Admirable 2019” here, and scroll down to select Egypt.